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Olio Smartwatch : A Smartwatch that Doubles as a Fashion Accessory

Olio Smartwatch

Technology is advancing with the blink of the eye. While the smartphone industry has been flourishing, offering users with myriad features and capabilities, the smart watch industry is experiencing innovations every day. As more and more companies are offering high-end smartwatches aimed at making life easy, Olio is launching smartwatches that are not only feature-rich, but can also double as a fashion accessory.

Set to Break the Smart Watch Clutter

In a highly competitive Smartwatch market, Olio is set to break the clutter by offering a range of trendy smart watches that have intelligent connectivity and possess enduring style. While most smartwatches are set to go obsolete as newer technological advances take place, ordinary owners will have no option but to discard their gadgets and buy the latest one in the market. Olio on the other hand, is developing Smartwatches that can be worn as a piece of fashion, even when not connected to a phone.

A Smartwatch? A Bracelet? A Piece of Fashion?

Built to function as a Smartwatch, Olio is evidently competing in the Smartwatch market with the likes of Apple and Android. Olio Smartwatch runs on a unique OS, and is compatible with Android and iOS phones. Its stylish and attractive design is sure to entice users into buying that look for gadgets with panache. Available in steel and leather bands and as a bracelet, Olio Smartwatches are carefully crafted to suit the distinct style of users. Olio’s steel SmartWatch is priced at $595, the yellow and rose gold models at $1195 and the gold bracelet model at $1,395.

Impeccable Features of Olio Smartwatch

With people having access to numerous devices and applications, there is an overdose of information plagues them in the long run. Through the Smartwatch, Olio provides users with essential notifications and information that it most relevant to them. It enables users to have easy command and control over their digital content.

  • Frees users from countless notifications and provides them with a gratifying user experience.
  • Offers users real-time access to their emails and calendar, helping them plan their day and perform their chores with ease
  • People can now access various features of their smartphones like Bluetooth, Music, Weather etc. with a simple touch of a button
  • Displays the latest record of people’s digital life, thus making each watch unique and personalized.
  • Compatible with Android (4.3 and upwards) and iOS (8.0 and upwards), thus giving users the freedom to choose a watch that meets their style quotient independent of the technology.
  • Olio Assist works as a personal digital assistant, prompting users with reminders and tasks to be completed.
  • By glancing through the notifications, Olio Smartwatch enables users to turn information into insight and insight into action.

Top-Notch Technical Specs

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel material, Olio Smartwatch run on long-lasting batteries that provide users a seamless Smartwatch experience.
  • They are water resistant and incorporate ion exchange glass and Sapphire crystal cover that is scratch and impact resistant.
  • Available in 4 colours, gold, rose, black and steel, Olio Smartwatches are designed to meet the needs of a large audience. The gold and rose gold watches are also available in 24 karat and 18 karat models, respectively.

Final Thoughts

Having raised $10 million, Olio is set to expand its manufacturing excellence and develop fancy products for customers worldwide. Being run by engineers from Apple, Pixar and Movado, Olio Smartwatches incorporate aesthetic design and good build quality enhancing the overall look and feel. By providing users easy access to real-time digital data, Olio Smartwatches facilitate users to efficiently perform tasks, save time helping them own the moment.