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Nuheara IQBuds: Smartest Earbuds To Dash Its Way Among Biggies

Nuheara IQBuds

Nuheara IQBuds has just made its explosive entry through crowdfunding platform with a bang. Yes, with a huge response earned just at its first walk-through commentators and experts say that it is going to be a better device even than the Apple’s AirPods.

Though the pods are really limited in its ability in allowing you only audio output without any additional biometric or tracking features, it is sure to dash its way among the smart ear simply on account of quality sound. With an ambitious price tag of $299, it may seem a bit expensive, but it simply deserves its due thanks to the high-quality audio.

Workout Friendly Design

The design of this earpod really represents a shift from the common pool of smart earpiece design including several brands. Basically, these pods are two small perfectly fit-to-ear-hole pods without the wire. They are designed to stick to your ear for extended hours without slipping off with body movement.

Another good thing about this earpiece is that each of the earbud just weighs 8g and makes you feel nothing in your ears. Even during a heavy workout session, they cannot fall off your ear holes because of sweating skin. The earpod is both sweat and water resistant. But obviously, you cannot swim with them hugging your ear holes.

Impressive Control

Nuheara offers you very easy control with touch control on the outer surface of each ear bud. While the left bud allows only tap and no swipe gesture for control for taking control of your music and calls, the right bud allows you tweak with the sound profiles and different listening modes as per the surrounding environment.

Exceptional Sound Output

The quality audio output is one of the distinct aspects of this earpiece. The speakers deserve to be tagged as high-fidelity ones. The performance of the digital mics also stands as awesome. Initially, you may need few days to find your control with different modes and listening environments, but over time when you find the balance, they just offer the best sound quality you can expect from ear buds. IQBuds works great with its noise cancellation output and can really block the entire world of sound around you.

Nuheara IQbuds Sound Profiles

The best thing about this earbud is its ability to ensure high-quality listening experience in different environments with matched-in sound profiles. After pairing the buds for the first time, the user needs to know about tweaking with multiple sound profiles meant for street, home, workout, office, restaurant, driving, etc.

You can create audio settings that suit these ambiences helping you to get an ideal sound quality. If you choose music mode, it will give you purest sound and will shut off the sound from outside world completely. Apart from all these presets, you can also create your own personal sound profile with custom attributes.

Battery life And Bluetooth

Both battery life and Bluetooth are critical areas for most smart buds and a vast majority of them fall short of the optimum output in both these regards. IQBuds is developed with clear consideration of these two things. The buds with a 100mAh battery can go on running for as long as four hours at a stretch with just a single charge.

The buds take charge of the charging case pretty quickly, just 0 level to a full charge within an hour. The charging case clearly displays the battery level at different stages. Though the battery life and charging are better than many other competitors in smart earpieces, they still have a lot of room for improvement.

The device manual offers some useful tips to get optimal Bluetooth signal strength when using the earbuds. So, at times there can be issues for establishing connectivity. Still, the buds perform better in quickly connecting your device on most occasions but getting them a bit away in a big room or just beyond the door can make you lose Bluetooth signal.

Final Verdict

Nuheara IQBuds looks impressive on all fronts including very steady design, a great approach with sound profiles and unmatched sound quality at times. The product is already waiting to hit the market after having a successful run on Indiegogo and is available now with $300 pre-order price.