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Nimb Smart Security Ring – a Real Life-Saver!

Nimb Smart Ring

Nimb, a Los Altos, California-based company recently started marketing its safety-focused ring on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Nimb is the crowdsourcing security system and a movement that promotes safer environments, where people combine efforts to help someone in trouble. It is a wearable startup that hopes to bring a little peace of mind as its ring can contact friends, family, and emergency services when you need help, within three seconds and can be performed in complete discretion.

At the heart of the system is a personal wearable device, a ring with a panic button that is able to send alerts to families and emergency services when the user feels threatened, or experiences a health issue or is being attacked. The loud ring becomes a real life savior in such situations when making a call is not possible.

The wearable tracks your location and sends alerts to friends, once the concealed button is pressed on your smartphone.  It sends a distress signal to a set of preset contacts.

Beautiful Design and Working System

Nimb comes with a simple and polished design that is beautiful and comfortable on your finger. It has metal moldings and matte surface that complements a rich sense of taste. The ring sizes are 4-12, which you can wear on any of your fingers.

Nimb is an efficient wearable with a smart ring that will alert specific contacts and local authorities with your GPS location in times of peril. Just press and hold the button on the underside of the ring for three seconds and an alert will be issued with your location. The location will be tracked in real-time, and there’s even an audio recording functionality to keep a note on the crisis. There’s also a 20-second window that lets you cancel the alert just in case.

Once the alert is sent out with a single press, the system will contact your near ones in a variety of formats depending on what you choose at that time – texts, notifications, calls, emails etc. It also has a feature to send out a distress signal from your phone if you aren’t wearing your ring.

The system collects evidence through the user’s phone when an alert is triggered and also vibrates on your finger when you walk away from your phone. The charge capacity of Nimb Smart ring will last for two weeks on a single charge.

Who can use it?

People who are being assaulted by intimate partners or good friends fail to call for help immediately. They cannot even use other devices for communication in any way. In that case, Nimb plays an extremely important part and works on the company’s motto to build awareness for safety, rendering peer-to-peer help to people in extreme situations.

There are times when individuals offer to help someone in trouble, whether they are authorized officials, close ones, or just passersby. In all these circumstances, Nimb happens to be the savior and truly a revolutionary device to call out for help in the first place.

Features of Nimb Smart Ring

  • It works everywhere in the world where cellular networks function.
  • Nimb can provide you with an easy and reliable way to call for help.
  • If you are less likely to forget your phone in a taxi or a restaurant it will vibrate as soon as the distance between the phone and the ring exceeds a preset limit.
  • It also offers an audio recording function that automatically collects evidence from your smartphone once the panic button is pressed.
  • All your personal information is securely guarded and stored.

Price & Availability

Nimb will be available on Kickstarter from June 21 for as low as $75 while it will retail at a cost of $ 150. You will also get to choose from a wide range of colors and sizes.


In the near future, the company is also expected to work on integrating the audio-recording feature into the 911 system so that messages from Nimb are sent “directly to the 911 dashboard.” It will also offer new safety solutions for home, office, automobiles, and businesses.