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Neuroon Open: A Wearable That Wakes You Up Feeling Energized


Sleep accounts for a third of our lives and yet we know so little about it because we all sleep in different ways. Have you been looking for a wearable device that can help you feel energized throughout the whole day by improving your sleep. Neuroon Open can do that. Neuroon Open is the world’s smartest, open source sleep, dreams, and meditation device in the form of a sleeping mask.

Soft Foam Material.

Neuroon Open is a consumer wearable EEG mask that measures your sleep, helps you adjust your bedroom conditions to your needs and supports you with smart meditation and lucid dreaming induction. Neuroon Open is made up of soft foam material. This material easily adapts to the shape of your face. Neuroon Open is specially for Tech Enthusiasts, Sleep Hackers, Productivity Seekers, Scientists, and Lucid Dreamers.

Key Features.

  1. Advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity).
  2. A/B testing of your sleep.
  3. Smart wake ups and naps.
  4. Audio guided meditation sessions.
  5. Lucid dreaming induction.
  6. Smart home integrations that you can also program on your own.

Every single feature in Neuroon Open works due to the mask’s ability to measure sleep metrics in such a detailed manner. And most importantly for most of the features: sleep analysis takes place in real time. Neuroon Open is going to be supported by Neuroon App which will allow you to make the most of Neuroon Open and its cool features.

A/B Testing Consists Of Two Parts.

1. After each sleep you will be given a short test. In that you estimate your sleep quality and sleepiness after waking on VAS. This self-evaluation system records changes in the subjective reception of your sleep. This is then combined with metabolic and sleep-staging. This gives information about the best sleep pattern that might suit you.

2. As a voluntary extra option, you will have the possibility to try two short games. These help measure your mental capabilities after sleep. The working memory test will check your perception and working memory condition upon waking. The cognition test will check your cognitive capability.

With the help of these two methods, you can optimize Neuroon Open’s sleep-adjustment tools according to your needs. These tools include artificial dawn, bedroom conditions, specific sleep stage awakenings and optimal time-schedules for falling asleep and waking up.

Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a metacognitive state within a dream. It may enable the dreamer to know that they are dreaming or even give them full intellectual ability and volitional control over the dream. Lucid dreaming is thought to be a trainable skill. It has been demonstrated to increase through the use of cognitive and external stimulation techniques. Both techniques are features of Neuroon Open. Neuroon Open use methods like guided audio sessions and external stimuli to help induce lucid dreams more reliably and easily.

Audio Guided Meditation Sessions.

With Neuroon Open you can start meditating whenever you feel. The benefits from meditation are visible even after 2 hours of practice. Neuroon Open meditation feature consists of the three components: Guided Audio meditation sessions, recording option, and Biofeedback.

Smart Wake Ups And Naps.

Neuroon Open allows you to choose out of which phase of sleep you’d like to wake up. For some people the optimal phase to be woken out of is light sleep. For some it’s REM. Using the Neuroon Open app, you will be able to choose. Additionally, while analyzing the EEGs of sleeping people during the product development stage, we discovered that before waking up there are a great deal of what are called “micro wakeups”.

The Neuroon Open App.

Neuroon Open App is a remote controller for the device. The app guides you through all the Neuroon Open features. It also gathers your sleep data and show you your sleep score and give personalized sleep tips. Neuroon Open app helps you manage your device and trigger different features of the mask. It also controls the mask, analyzes the data coming from the device and present it to you. The app works with Iphones and Android phones.