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MyManu Clik: A Revolutionary Earbud With Voice Translation Capability

MyManu Clik

The Clik is a truly revolutionary earbud that besides allowing wireless hearing also offers voice communication in different languages. This new earbud will help paving the new mode of communication through different languages. Having the capability to translate in 37 languages for real time communication this earbud is pioneering one in many respects. The best thing about this earbud is that it is ideal for a wide array of use scenarios ranging from on the go calling or music playing to planning a business trip across international destinations. This revolutionary earbud offers great listening pleasure for music lovers, on the go translators for travelers and great language help for international business travelers. This earbud can also help to break the language barrier for international business meetings and conferences.

What the CLIK comes with?

A new box of Clik earbuds when delivered comes with a stylish case for charging equipped with with USB port, a pair of Clik earbuds, small, medium and large ear covers and a micro USB charging cable.

What is so unique about it?

Wireless earbuds are not new, they have always been there. But if you look at the most available models you are bound to realise that most of them are problematic in respect of performance as most of them rely on outdated Bluetooth connectivity. This is precisely where the all new Mymanu CLIK seems to have all the answers we were looking for. From the quality of sound to the unperturbed voice call quality to its movable and portable shape, all of them made this earbuds so unique in the market. To make things even better these earbuds are comfortable for any ears. But performance and comfort apart, the product also comes loaded with an array of unique features. First of all, it comes with an unique feature that allows translating in different languages in real time. Secondly, it offers an array of customisation options like getting notifications and text messages read directly in your earbuds. There are so much more offered by this high tech ear bud that you are bound to feel yourself overwhelmed. Let us have a look at the key features and specifications one by one. The best thing about CLIK is its translation feature that can translate in as many as 30 different languages in real time. Whether you are travelling carefree across international destinations with the pain of language barriers preventing you access in many situations or you are facing communication difficulties as a frequent business traveler, CLIK with its real time translation can just become your guiding angel at all times.

Just look at the device! There’s a Wow factor in it.

CLIK is aesthetically designed to be perfect, beautiful and thoroughly functional. Almost all parts are integrated seamlessly including the touch panel, LED ring and the body of the device. The best thing is the device looks completely unobtrusive and neat without any room left for extra space consumption. CLIK is loaded with an array of customisation options giving it a unique flavour when used by each individual user. You can choose from a variety of covers for your ears as per your preference of look and feel.

You do not need to compromise on a damn thing

Just look at the majority of earbuds available in the market and you can see how at certain levels buyers need to compromise. It can be either the sound quality or the connectivity issues or the look. But with CLIK the first two are given optimum perfection and as for look you have a multitude of material and colour options to choose from. The APTX® audio codec ensures highest possible quality in audio while the connectivity is based on the latest technology. The connected app allows you play, pause and tweak your listening in various ways with simple gestures.

Final verdict

CLIK is still going through a Kickstarter campaign which is destined undoubtedly for a successful completion. This revolutionary product coming equipped with accompanying mobile apps for both iOS and Android can really revolutionise the earbud experience we have known so far. It offers at present support for 30 international languages including many European and far eastern languages that are frequently used by international tourists as well as business travelers. In more ways than one CLIK is destined to become the benchmarked earbud product for all others to follow in the years to come.