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Motiv Ring – Functionality of a Fitness Band in a Ring

Motiv Ring

Do you like wearables but hate wearing smartwatches? Motiv is here to help you with that. The Motiv Ring offers heart-rate, sleep and activity tracking on a device you wear on your finger. Wearables are an amazing thing, but mostly all the wearables come in the form of watches. For people who don’t like watches or don’t like anything on their wrists, wearing a watch is not an option for them. San Francisco-based startup Motiv thinks it has the answer in the form of a wearable that you place on your finger.

Titanium Build

The titanium build is light. The ring is slightly thicker at the bottom, as that’s where the heart-rate monitor sits. There’s also a small band that houses a tri-colour light that activates when the device is syncing to your phone or charging.

With the Help of Motiv Ring

  1. Improve your health: Motiv focuses on celebrating the active minutes in your day that help you maintain and even improve your healthy lifestyle. Activity detail breaks down your activities to help show when you’re reaching your goals. Get personalized stats that explain your active minutes.
  2. Stay Motivated: Motiv automatically adjusts your daily targets based on your week so far and keep you motivated to achieve your weekly goals.
  3. Easily Monitor Sleep: When your tracker is this comfortable, monitoring sleep is effortless. Motiv stays on all night so you get a complete view of your resting heart rate and sleep.
  4. Recap your night’s sleep: Motiv Ring stays on when you power down. We monitor your sleep patterns so you can improve the quality of your sleep over time.
  5. Follow your heart rate: If one number sums up your overall health and fitness, it’s your resting heart rate. We use it each night to set your active minute threshold.

Find the Perfect Fit

Step 1: Choose a ring. After you reserve your ring, Motiv mail you a sizing set just before they are ready to start shipping. Use it to find your ring size.

Step 2: Get your ring. After you find your size, you can go back to the site or use the app to select your ring size and color. They will the ship your ring in 2 days.

There is actually a lot to like about the Motiv Ring right from its 3-5 day battery, to the neat charger that fits on your keyring, to the fact that it focuses on raising your heart-rate rather than concentrating on step counts. It seems like smart rings are going to be a whole new category.

What’s in the Box?

In the box, you get two minuscule chargers that plug into a USB port or charger and hold the ring magnetically while it juices up. It only takes an hour and a half to fully charge, but the battery lasts for three to five days, depending on usage. You must be wondering why they give two chargers. It’s about the same size as a small USB memory stick, you can keep that on your keyring in case you ever get stuck.

Available in Two Colors

Motiv Ring is 8mm wide and 2.5mm thick comes in seven standard ring sizes and is available in Slate Grey and Rose Gold colors. The Motiv Ring, which will launch later this year in the US for US$199.