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Mota SmartRing for people who hate smartwatches

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Just when the entire world is after a smartwatch/fitness tracker, there are people who ditched their smart phones to buy the latest smart watch and then ultimately ditched the smart watch ( for various reasons) and got back to their smart phone, never to return to the smart watch. And there are people who would not even try to add a heavy gadget on their wrist. Just imagine a humid place like India and a heavy smart watch on your wrist, it is just not acceptable to some people and rightfully so. If you still are in the mood for experiments and want your notifications at the tip of your hands, then Mota SmartRing may ring a bell in your ears.

What is Mota SmartRing?

With the new Mota SmartRing, you can get notifications at the tip of your hands and it shrinks the notifications down to get to your finger and you don’t have to lift your smartphone, unlock the phone and check a useless message from your mobile carrier. You can customise the notifications and can choose the notifications only that you wish to see or those which are important for you to have a look instantly. It is looking to take over the smart watch market, though the Apple Smartwatch is yet to arrive, but there is a possibility of this happening, sooner or later and when it happens Mota would be the first one to reap the benefits.

Features of Mota SmartRing?

Reply to texts, calls and social media notifications with vibrations from your finger.

Customise notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages etc.

Scroll from screen to screen of various apps.

Changeable inter pieces, so it’s kind of one size fits all smart ring.

The good side of Mota SmartRing

At the moment, Mota SmartRing is geared for phone calls, text messages and email notifications and Mota will soon be adding Social networks as well to this list. The ring sizes were a drawback but Mota has solved this problem by adding adjustable inner pieces. The battery is expected to run for about 24 to 72 hours but it still depends on an individuals’ usage. You need to use your own charger though Mota is looking to add a charger soon.

Cost and availability of Mota SmartRing?

Smartwatches are usually costlier and start from around $200 whereas Mota SmartRing is priced at a meagre $75 per piece on Indiegogo. It is currently available in selected countries and it would be good to some tough competition in the wearable market with all types of smart gadgets and fitness trackers making their way to the competition. The project has raised $24,000 and it has a goal of $100,000 to compete in the next 25 days or so to follow. I don’t think it will be a major task for Mota as the product packs a punch and shows mettle.

Though it will be a big problem explaining things by looking at your hand every now and then, you will have to figure something out because Mota just wants you to ditch your smartphone for once and for good. Let’s see what’s in store for the wearable loving users.