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Mio Slice: First Activity Tracker With PAI

Mio Slice

Mio Slice is a tracker that monitors your heart rate. It also supports push notifications for calls and texts. But these are things you find in all the trackers. The special feature of Mio Slice is PAI. The Mio Slice uses a novel approach to fitness tracking. It does this by highlighting on your heart rate rather than steps. Mio Slice is the first activity tracker with Pai, which is a science-based metric for optimal health and fitness.

Underwhelming Design.

The Mio Slice is a band made up of matte black TPU plastic. It is roughly about the same width as the Charge 2. There is an OLED display that’s not touchscreen. There is also a physical button to skip through data screens. It’s bland, uninspiring and pretty ordinary. So when you put it up against a nice hybrid smartwatch or even a cheaper fitness tracker it will still look dull. There are some different colours like stone, sienna and navy to choose from. But that can’t really make that much difference on the design front.

Basic Features.

  1. Heart-rate Technology: The Mio Slice fitness tracker offers the best in class, most accurate heart rate tracking. It can give you good, accurate heart rate tracing 24/7.
  2. Activity Tracking: The Mio Slice tracker can efficiently track steps, distance, and the amount of calories burned.
  3. Sleep Tracking: The Mio Slice also automatically monitors your sleep quality.
  4. Notifications: Using the Mio Slice, you can easily receive phone call and text message alerts on your fitness tracker. So you don’t have to take out your phone to check while working out.
  5. Water Resistant: The Mio Slice is water resistant up to 30 meters i.e. 100 feet.

About PAI.

Pai is a revolutionary new system. Your heart rate is turned into a single score. It shows you how much activity you need to stay healthy. PAI is Personal Activity Intelligence. PAI’s revolutionary algorithm makes sense of your personal heart rate data instead of just using steps. It gives you a simple number that shows how much activity you need to live a longer, healthier life.

PAI analyzes every movement you make, including activities like spinning, yoga, even gardening. PAI tracks your heart rate intensity. You can also view which activities earned the most PAI points. All you need is your PAI score. Keep it above 100 over a 7-day rolling window to know you’re staying healthy, even if you work harder on some days, and less on others. No matter what your fitness level is, PAI shows you what intensity level you need to be in to improve.

First Tracker With PAI.

Mio SLICE seamlessly works with the PAI app. It offers a picture of how your heart performed in each heart rate zone. It also shows you where you earned the most PAI points. You can also see your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality. Mio SLICE is the first heart rate activity tracker to feature PAI.

You can still log workout sessions, even though there are dedicated sports tracking modes. This is done by pressing down on the big button below the screen. It might show you a running icon, but it’s about tracking heart rate here only. One problem is that it’s extremely easy to accidentally launch a workout session.

Works With Both iOS And Android.

The battery is rechargeable, and the Slices comes with a USB charging cradle. One full charge should last four or five days. It has wireless syncing and requires a mobile device. While the Slice works with both Android and iOS devices. It works with the iPhone 5s and later. For Android, Mio only lists definite compatibility with the Google Nexus 5, 5x, 6, and 6p; and the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, and Note 5.