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Meizu H1 Band – A Unibody Health and Fitness Tracker

Meizu H1 Band

Meizu with its launch of a new smartphone – M5 Note, is making another product official on the same day. The Chinese consumer electronics company with the release of its Meizu H1 Band has finally joined the wearable game. Meizu is already one of Xiaomi’s biggest rival in China and is now taking on American products with this fitness tracker. The Meizu H1 Band has the same functionality as that of a Fitbit, but at a cheaper price.

A Unibody Design with a Light Blue Display

The Meizu H1 Band is formed as a unibody design, so the main casing is not detachable from the strap. Because of this, you can’t replace the band or customize it with a different band. This smart band is made from a food-grade safety and environmental protection material. It has got a unique glistening metal buckle which makes it look pretty and fits perfectly on your wrist. There is a cavity like a thing on the front that can be used as a power button and switch features.

The Meizu H1 band features an OLED screen with a light blue display, that shows step count, calories burnt, and heart rate. The display on the Meizu H1 band is blue because the another name for Meizu H1 band is Meizu Blue Charm H1 bracelet, or it could be the other way round. The rear has the Meizu logo, heart rate sensors, and copper terminals.

Waterproof, Bluetooth Connectivity, Heart Rate Monitor, and Many Other Things

The AMS volume photoelectric sensor on the band supports manual measuring, testing, and dynamic mode. The Meizu H1 band is IP 67 waterproof and dustproof, so it can not only resist a super sweaty workout, but you can also take it with you to the pool or a water sport.

To connect the band to your smartphone, there is Bluetooth connectivity. The device can receive notifications, messages, and incoming calls from your smartphone. The Meizu companion app works with both Android and iOS.

The Meizu H1 band offers functions like heart rate monitor, step/calorie counting, time monitoring, sports monitoring, all-day activity tracking, sleep monitoring and tracking, smart snooze alarm, and a reminder to move.

The auto-sleep tracking feature on the band tells you how many hours of sleep you managed, and also the breakdown between light sleep and deep sleep. You can use the band as an alarm and also choose the intensity of the vibration you need to wake up in the morning.

Battery and Charging on Meizu’s Band

Meizu H1 comes with magnetic charging and comes with a dedicated, flexible magnetic charger. This magnetic charger can be mingled to convert in a charging in a charging stand. The battery can go on for up to 14 days without using the heart rate feature and 7 days with the heart rate feature on, with a single charge.

H1 Band is Currently Available only in China

The Meizu H1 band is available for purchase on Meizu’s official stores and website for just $33. The band is available at a discounted price with Meizu Blue Charm Note 5. The Meizu H1 band will be available in stores from December 8.

Will Match your Requirement at an Affordable Price

The Meizu’s H1 band is similar to Fitbit and many other fitness trackers, both in design and functionality. But Meizu offers all this at an economical price of $33. If you are looking for an affordable fitness band that will also match your active lifestyle, then Meizu’s fitness tracker is a really good option.