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Lumo Lift: Activity and Posture Tracking Made Simple

Lumo LIft

There have been many body posture tracker that we have come across in the recent times. Each one of them has some typical features help to make your posture perfect. But the new Lumo Lift is unique and powerful in many ways. The company

Lumo BodyTech which earlier came with a similar device called Lumo Back posture aid now for the second time came with a great wearable posture tracker called Lumo Lift which is unique in respect of design and effectiveness.

This square shaped device will not only prevent you from slouching but will also work as a total activity tracker with the capability to count steps, calories burnt in activities and distance covered.

Fluid Design

This wearable activity and posture tracker clings to your sportswear with a lapel-style magnetic clasp. Unlike the earlier wearable tracker from the company, it is designed to attach to your garment more simply. But just like the device launched by the company earlier it is equipped with the same powerful algorithm to track posture and activities throughout the day.

The entire device is basically built around an electroplated thermoset plastic tracker measuring 44.5 x 25.4mm with 12.7mm thickness. Weighing just 11.5g it remains fairly inconspicuous all through your activities. The device when worn is only seen through the 2.5mm thick aluminum clasp. It is designed to be extremely lightweight and non-invasive for anyone to wear easily.

You can buy this tracker in a whole range of colors. For the main tracker device, you have the options of choosing between black, white or silver. But to add more spice to the look you can choose from a whole range of colorful clasps.

What Does It Do?

Lumo Lift is equipped with a powerful algorithm that can detect posture and accordingly send you vibration alerts whenever you are slouching or just having an improper body posture. It is basically capable to track your core position along with the position of your upper body and various postures all through the daily activities.

How Does It Work?

As a wearable posture and activity tracker, it works pretty simply. All you need is to wear it just an inch below your collarbone and this works great for typical sportswear tight-fitted to the body. While women can use a bra strap to make it cling to the body men can choose some tight t-shirts. The only minus point of the device is that it works with one recommended position.

The device actually needs to know about the ideal posture according to your consideration and it works accordingly. Making it know the ideal posture is done with a simple manoeuvre. Just pop it on and following that double tap the button while using the clasp to bend to your posture. Now the device sends three vibration alerts and the ideal posture is noted. By exercising the same process you can align the posture again as it suits you.

When the device has known about your ideal posture it will track your posture throughout the day. The Lumo Lift app available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms will also help you track your postures and the way they are getting better over time. The app will also allow you set your goal and track your performance against it.

As for data capacity, the device comes with 32MB inbuilt storage space which is fairly enough to store four weeks of activity and posture data.

Activity Tracking

As we have already mentioned the tracker is also equipped with activity tracking features. The connected app will also allow you to evaluate your daily activities and fitness quotients through distance walked, records steps and calories burnt.Compared to the most another popular activity tracker available presently in the market, it just works fine. You may not need to buy an additional fitness tracker if you are using Lumo Lift.

Battery Life And Charging

The device comes with a lithium polymer battery that can run a full day with just a single charge. Most notably, the device gets charged from zero to the optimum within just two hours. For charging you have a magnetic cradle attached to the USB cable.

Final Verdict

Lumo Lift seems to be a credible option for people looking for a comprehensive wearable that can work both as an activity and posture tracker.