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LG silently introduced 4G LTE smartwatch before the Mobile World Congress

LG silently introduced 4G LTE smartwatch before the Mobile World Congress

Just when the world was getting ready for the Mobile World Congress and there were speculations from various bloggers and technology fans about what new products will be launched by giants, LG quietly launched the 4G LTE of Watch Urbane which is termed to be a luxury timepiece. The price and availability of the LG 4G LTE has been kept under wraps at the moment but we may soon get to hear more news about these details from LG itself.

What is LG 4G LTE?

LG 4G LTE is a luxury smart watch launched by LG recently just before the much awaited Mobile World Congress 2015 held in Barcelona. Just before a few weeks, LG announced the Android Wear running LG Watch Urbane and now LG is back with one more smart watch in a brief time span, which is the 4G LTE. LG showcased 4G LTE along with the previously launched Watch Urbane at the Mobile World Congress and LG has high hopes of re-entering the Wearables market with LG 4G LTE.

What are the Features of LG 4G LTE?

In less than a year LG has launched the fourth smart watch launched by LG and it is evident that the South Korean Electronic’s giant is making steady progress and the features with every new smart watch have improved. The 4G LTE runs on a webOS software and not on Google’s Android Wear. The webOS has been used just in smart TVs by LG until now.

Just like the previous counterpart Watch Urbane, LG 4G LTE is also circular in shape similar to the first watch G Watch R. 4G LTE has a metal design overall. What is new is the addition of three buttons that were not present in the Watch Urbane. This can be a total game changer from LG.

The first button is for the Quick Setting menu and it allows the user to adjust battery usage, volume control, brightness and connection preference. Second button is for choosing the watch face or the apps already installed on the 4G LTE smart watch. The last is a back button and can also be used as an emergency call when you press it for a long time.

More about LG 4G LTE

LG has also introduced a translation app which can identify English, Japanese and Chinese and translate it using voice recognition . There is an app for golf lovers which suggests ways to improve the user’s stroke formation while also giving him easy access to course information.

LG has also introduced NFC payments to be made directly from Smart watch so you won’t even have to pull out your phone or credit card to pay for your coffee. The dial of LG 4G LTE is super cool and the stylish strap gives it a fashion statement.

With LG 4G LTE LG is trying to make a bold statement in the wearables department and we are keen to see more competition among major brands. If you wish to discuss more details about LG 4G LTE, you can mention it in the comments section below.