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LG FJ7: Offering The Wireless Speaker Trend A New Facelift


Suddenly, all sorts of wireless speakers are pouring in the market and they are representing the trend of going wireless while listening music. More powerful listening and uncompromising quality of sound while doing away with the wire is certainly a new trend. The new LG FJ7 High Power Speaker is one such offering to give our listening pleasure an unprecedented roar.

While there are so many great sound systems with Bluetooth and AI capability, what is really interesting about this new speaker from LG? To be precise, it is bigger and heavier with a robust sound that make other comparable speakers look meek in comparison. Priced at Rs 27,990, it can be a worth buying speaker for listeners not willing to compromise on sound quality and volume.


This new LG speaker weighs just around 18.6 kg with a solid plastic body. The front facing red woofers gives the speaker an attractive look. Though plastic material can take out the premium feel, it’s durably solid and designed to last. Another commendable thing is the rolling wheels provided underneath the speaker allowing it to drag around the floor.

The best thing is, unlike most other speakers in the market the controls of the device are provided at the back of the device. This hidden controls actually give the device a stripped-off simplicity that can blend well with your modern home. Most important of all, you found not require these controls very frequently since you can just do the same through your smartphone devices.

Do you want it to be used as a jukebox as well? Well, the device allows you to place it on a tripod for such an experience. LG FJ7 is quite decent in overall exposure but obviously there are other devices that can be regarded as more decent and elegant compsred to this. But the rugged look of LG FJ7 with its heavy sound seems quite a good fit for modern interiors.

Robust sound output and performance

LG FJ7 is a loud beast with 2Way 2Speaker that gurgles out 400W high power sound. Apart from this the speaker offers a 2-inch tweeter unit and a 15-inch woofer unit. Though the volume level can go up to the 38 level, in most cases and for most people just the 25 sound level would be loud enough for the ears.

Now when it comes to clarity, it has quite commendable output. The speaker ensures a solid bass output and most notably, just by pressing on a single button you can remove the vocal song and play karaoke sound. Two speakers remain connected wirelessly and you have the flexibility to connect as many as three devices simultaneously. This allows managing and creating multiple playlists and playing them from across the devices. To add more spice to your speaker, you have the FM support as well.

The best thing is, for every different genre of music you can select preferred settings and can play music every time with the respective setting designated for it. The speaker allows you to exercise control over it through the connected LG Bluetooth app, though an additional remote would have been very much appreciated. As for connectivity, the speaker can be connected via Aux support, Bluetooth, USB port and Mic.

Final Verdict

By all considerations, the new LG FJ7 is an unmatched speaker system but it comes with a price tag that can be termed as ambitious and expensive. If you are a die-hard music lover with an uncanny knack for crystal clear robust sound, this speaker can just bowl you out with great sound output. On the other hand, if you are ready to shell out a few hundred dollars more for a more stylish and sleek option, there can be some better options as well.