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Lenovo Smart Shoes : All New Intel-powered Wearable for Your Feet

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Lenovo is back with a bang, this time with the Intel-powered shoes that can indulge you into too many digital interactions. Whether you are a geek or avid follower of fitness gadgets or a gamer always in a hunt for a new gaming experience, this new smart sneaker from Leno would give you pressing goose bumps.

Events hosted or attended by tech companies are usually the most suitable places to get introduced with the futuristic and still-to-come gadgets, and in this respect, this pair of smart sneakers is no different. Lenovo smart shoes have been unveiled at the Tech World 2016 held at Silicon Valley two days ago. Among the countless innovative gadgets that are being worked upon by the ace Chinese tech brand, Smart shoes grabbed widespread attention. The pair of 3D printed smart sneakers has been the highlighted entry of the event. Loaded with sensors and LED, the sneaker can also be utilized as the mobile game controllers.

You won’t believe earlier also Lenovo has come up with a pair of smart sneakers, around the same time last year. But this year the company came up with an even more feature rich powerful product. You can play the game with it, keep track of your activities and fitness and can even customize its look and feel. You have so much in a shoe and with so much on your feet you cannot be unhappy.

Sneakers with Game Control Ability

A shoe to play the game on your screen? Are you joking? Not really, it is a fact that Lenovo’s latest smart shoe edition can be tapped to make gaming move. Yeah, you can look with popped out eyes or raised eyebrows, but nevertheless, the company gave too much attention this time for gamers. With sophisticated Intel chip empowering it from within it is very likely to respond to your game playing moves with foot tapping and feet movement. The sensors in the shoes can respond to the gamers’ moods and actions in real time.

Lenovo Smart Shoes are 3D printed and have been developed in collaboration with shoemaker brand Vibram. Inside the shoe, Lenovo used an Intel Curie wearable chip that is increasingly becoming common in futuristic wearables. Though to what extent gamers can actually play their games with this pair of shoes is still unclear, at least for runner-style mobile games they can easily be used. Stepping back and forth by wearing the shoe can guide the movement of the game characters in VR games. These shoes can also be worn and utilized with dancing movement for typical dance-oriented games. This can truly revolutionize VR game control in the time to come.

Dance or Fitness, Lenovo Smart Shoes will Accompany all!

Well, the basic and primary purpose of this pair of Lenovo Smart Shoes is to track fitness and offer accurate fitness data. As far as the first round of its display and introduction goes, most of the standard functions known with fitness trackers are available with this shoe. To add some fuzzy fun in your living the shoe has LED lights lined in the sole. On the dance floor, it can give your feet dashy look with rhythmic lighting.

3D Printed and Customizable

Still, only a handful of details about the shoes are available and we can just know the very basic elements from the prototype shown in the event. The actual marketable shoe can have an array of more features. But, one big adorable thing about the shoe that got unveiled in the event is that it is 3D printed and offers thorough customization to allow maximum comfort for the users. In that sense, it is one of the most advanced 3D printed wearables so far. All thumbs up to Lenovo for this great product.