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Kingii Wearable – Smallest Inflatable In The World


Kingii is the new wristband for all those who love going in the water. For those who need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface. Kingii is like a watch and is lightweight. You can wear it in and around water. It can be reused by replacing the CO2 cartridge inside. If you love swimming, surfing and the water, Kingii is going to come very handy to you.

Water Sports.

With it, you can be safe during your next adventure. The Kingii Wearable provides additional buoyancy when needed and is non-intrusive and reliable.


Now enjoy the time with your family in and around the water without having to worry. If needed, the Kingii Wearable can provide additional buoyancy.

Leisure Time.

The Kingii Wearable can be helpful in your leisure time. You can enjoy fishing, kayaking, snorkling or any of your other favorite activities around the water and take it with you.

On Board.

If you enjoy spending your time on a boat, it is a great addition to life vests. You and your friends can be safe on your next trip.


Inflation Bag: The bright orange inflation bag creates high visibility and with its hexagonal shape it is easy to hold onto and grip.
Pull Lever: The user lifts the handle to release an internal CO2 cartridge which then immediately inflates the bag.
Compass: Using the compass, you can always know where you are and how to get back on track.
Wrist Clasp: It comfortably fits almost any size wrist, from young to old.
CO2 Cartridge: You can reuse the Kingii with its easy to replace an internal CO2 cartridge.
Bag Pouch: The silicon pouch holds the inflation bag and whistle in place and out of the way.
Whistle: When the Kingii is inflated, you can use the extra whistle for visibility.

How to Use Kingii.

Step 1: As an addition to wearing the Kingii, we recommend you also wear a Personal Flotation Device.
Step 2: When you need Kingii, all you need to do it pull the lever on the strap until the internal CO2 cartridge is pierced. After that, the bag starts to inflate within seconds.
Step 3: Once Kingii is inflated, either swims to safety or call for assistance. You may also use the attached whistle.

Exceeding The Original Funding Limit.

After using kingii, you can shrink the balloon, fold it and put it back into the pouch so that it can be used again. You need to change the CO2 cylinder carefully. Then the it is ready to be used again. The wrist strap format is a good idea for people who don’t prefer wearing a fluorescent life jacket. Thought it doesn’t look the most comfortable of straps. The device has already exceeded the original funding limit by over 600%. This is an evidence that there’s certainly a demand for a product like this. That’s all fine providing you can remember to wear it, have it all charged with a fresh canister, aren’t unconscious when you fall into the water, and remember to press the button to activate it.