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Jawku Speed: A Performance Tracker for Runners and Atheletes


While new and innovative fitness trackers for the burgeoning population of fitness freaks are continuing to thrive, most of them seem common in features and capabilities. If you give all of them an unfavorable ‘run of the mill’ stamp, we are going to introduce Jawku Speed For you. Yes, to the surprise of many of us, this is a revolutionary fitness tracker and it is actually meant for serious sportsmen and athletes than the new breed of geeky fitness enthusiasts.

If fitness trackers can be classified as per their capabilities ranging from highly technical ones to the basic activity tracking systems, Jawku Speed will appear high atop the list. It is basically a device designed to boost the running speed of runners and athletes. It doesn’t look complex at all and resembles just any tracker from the outset. Though, its elegant and unique design never fails to grab attention as you take a closer look at the wrist of the wearer.

What is Jawku Speed?

JAWKU Speed can best be described as an advanced stopwatch for the smart wearable generation sportsmen. The device offers a “speed sensor” within a rubber wrist strap and it works in collaboration with the connected mobile app to guide you about speed, approaching finish line and the time lapsed from the start of the race to the end. With the help of the app, it also delivers you detailed data on your progress over time and helps day to day improvement.

The Claim is Not Baseless

Many experts are of opinion that the method incorporated by Jawku Speed is a revolutionary one and can replace the traditional method of keeping track of your run timing. Meant for every diehard sportsman including National Football League players, track and field athletes, and amateur athletes, the device can set a new standard for tracking time during the run.

How Does It Work?

As of now, you have at least known that Jawku Speed basically calculates the speed, time and distance from the starting point to the finish line of a race. That’s great but we are feeling restless to know how it syncs with your mobile app and how over time it helps in bettering your performance. Well, Jawku Speed just syncs wirelessly with the respective iOS app through which you have the access to all of your running statistics and data.

By the way, Jawku still didn’t come with its Android app though it has a plan to come up with it in near future. For a committed runner, the app over time can help by unveiling the minute details of his progress. Let us see the three specific ways Jawku Speed can help a runner or athlete.


You select a running distance and just activate the Start mode. Now when you start running the device with its speed sensor continues to measure your sprint speed and agility.


The connected app guides you about making your performance better and it has some valuable training content for the runners and athletes.


The connected app by registering the records allows you to track them and your progress over a time.

Comfy and Stylish Design With a Dint of Uniqueness

The tracker is itself very lightweight and comfortable and just looks like your regular wristwatch. With only one button on the device, it is also very easy to operate the device on the field.

Battery Life

The tracker comes with very good Battery life as well. For regular workout sessions extending to one hour, the battery does not dry up. As far as the results of tests are concerned, it has been used consecutively for two half an hour sessions in two days and the battery remained alive with just no charge in between. As for charging speed, it takes around half an hour to a full hour to get full.

The Price

The best thing is Jawku Speed is priced quite affordable with $129.99 at the company website.

Final Verdict

Are you an athlete or runner who considers the most run of the mill wearable trackers as trash for your purpose? Well, Jawku Speed can just be a nice one for your workout sessions. Improving your running speed and agility will be easier than ever before thanks to this easy to track device hugging your wrist.