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HiNICE+ Is World’s First Wearable Gem Necklace With Bluetooth

hinice wearable gem necklace

HiNICE+ is world’s first wearable necklace. It comes with Bluetooth earphones. The earphones allow you to take calls, listen to music, and control your smartphone with it. HiNICE+ has a microphone and a magnetic charge connector. It has easy controls. HiNICE+ was inspired by the habit of wearing a necklace and enjoying music. HiNICE+ was created with the aim to bring elegance and convenience. This two-in-one will make your lifestyle simple.

HiNICE+ is the first device in the field of audio smart jewelry. It seizes the elegance of jewelry and the utility of a wireless earphone. By combining both these elements, it creates an all new type of wearable. HiNICE+ aims to provide the service to meet users’ needs by combining factors such as recreation, semantic interaction, security and daily service into HiNICE+.

Pretty Features.

High Fidelity: The earphones have really high fidelity. So the sound that you will here be very accurate and precise.
Voice Call: You can take voice calls on HiNICE+.
Magnetic: HiNICE+ is magnetic, means there are magnets that can keep the wires together.
Bluetooth 4.2: It comes with Bluetooth 4.2.
Camera Control: You can also control your camera functions using HiNICE+.
Sheepskin Lanyard: The wires and the necklace are made with Sheepsking Lanyard.
24K gold-plated: The necklace is also 24K gold-plated.
Natural Gem: The gems that they use in the necklace are natural gems.
Necklace Form: The earphones come in a necklace form.

Natural Gemstones.

They pick out the original gemstones from numerous natural stone mines, which allows people to enjoy the beauty of wild nature from another spacetime.

  • Blue Sandstone
  • Pink Crystal
  • Black Agate

HiNICE+ captures the hearts of countless people with different needs with its material, technology and the ultimate effect of wearing. They provide a variety of styles series and style matching for different scenes. You can purchase the style you need for such scenes as the present, the workplace, holiday and party.

Technology Inside.

The conventional production of jewelry is complicated, expensive and immature. Besides, using a lot of metal and stone material has negative effects on signal transmission of the electronic module. Furthermore, the consumption of the battery is quite high. Therefore, the combination of jewelry and the electronic module has a high demand for industrial design.

Audio Experience.

Exclusive: The sound wave is clear and free from diffraction.
Voice: Midrange sound is extremely clear, highly restoring the details of a human voice.
Sound: High pitch sounds penetrate and wide, while Bass sound is deep and flexible.

Voice Quality.

HiNICE+ perfectly combines mainstream Bluetooth 4.2 technology, MEMS Sisonic and DSP noise reduction technology. This way, it can easily differentiate between the noise and voice and then effectively block the noise around you, which allows you to have a true feeling of face-to-face talking.

Remote Control.

HiNICE+ can be used to remotely control the device to take a picture. That would let you freely choose the best angle to show your beauty. The battery on HiNICE+ lasts for 6 hours. You can use it with your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phone.