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Here One Earbuds – Wireless, Compact Listening System that can Identify Sounds!

Here One Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are having a bit of a moment in today’s generation. Everyone from Samsung to Apollo is coming out with earbuds where no wires are required. Doppler Labs is back with the Here One, an all-in-one wireless listening system. It is built on the smart listening and noise filtering technologies that can stream music, take phone calls, reduce unwanted noise, amplify speech and more.

Doppler Labs calls them “in-ear computers” because they have multiple processors that help identify background noise and create an ambient filter. The aim of this company is to create a mass market product for putting computers in people’s ears.

While adding Bluetooth streaming from a paired smartphone, along with more targeted listening filters Doppler is hoping to move ahead with its more consumer-friendly Here One.

Smart & Innovative Design

Here One Earbuds

Here One is the only one to combine traditional smartphone streaming with its unique brand of audio curation. It is designed in an innovative way that blends with the next-gen users. Along with this, it is very cool as it adjusts the sounds you hear in real-time.

How does it work?

The wireless smart buds work with an app on your phone that filters out different noises based on your settings. You can use the app to enhance certain sounds and the tech is now even more advanced. The new system of Here One Earbuds has “adaptive filtering” and smart selective listening that can identify and differentiate signals so that you can tune into what you want.

Classic Features of Here One

  • To improve on its unique ability to filter out unwanted noise Here One has added multiple microphones and processors into a design.
  • A new layered listening mode to stream audio and listen to your surroundings simultaneously is installed in this tech.
  • Here One can also combine the AR and Bluetooth modes, letting you work still while amplifying what’s going on in your environment.
  • Here One Earbuds has given a hearing profile foundation, to pile on the layers of augmentation.
  • It is easy to create a customizable personal listening profile, to get different experiences.
  • It has extremely low-latency — which is important in the wireless earbud space.
  • Transform live music with volume control, EQ, and sound effects without isolating you from the world.
  • Battery life is solid at 3-4 hours with streaming and it also comes with a case that doubles as a charger.

Augmented Reality Experience

Here One works as a pair of wireless earbuds, simultaneously it also works as a way to augment the sounds you hear around you. It sounds like a more mass-market-friendly follow-up that increases the audio quality and the accuracy of the new filters.

There is also a personalized listening preference to create the best listening experience for your ears and you can even interact with the smart assistants like Siri, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana with multiple microphones on board.

These are controlled with the help of Here companion app where you will find features like EQ, volume, sound effects and tune in presets. This tech is providing a sort of augmented reality listening experience for events, venues and businesses in the near future.

One can watch a movie, listen to director commentary without annoying the people next to you and experience endless tours with enhanced surroundings, rather than use exclusively isolated worlds of current headphones.

Price & Availability

Here One – new wireless earbuds will begin shipping in November this year at a retail price of $299. It delivers a combo of next-gen noise-canceling and Bluetooth music streaming that’s primed with your digital assistant. The company hopes to make a product akin to an iPhone which will be a companion to music lovers.


Of course, Here One Earbuds have a lot of practical notions to deal with. But if you are a sci-fi fan then Here One is an audio alternative to virtual reality or augmented reality a mixed reality tech for the eyes if used with the proper apps and tech. Here One manages to mix music, voice feedback and everyday noise into something better than everyday active noise-canceling headphones, so hope to see a better beginning later this year.