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Haikara: A Perfect Smartwatch for Fashion Loving People

Haikara Smartwatch

Haikara is a smartwatch reimagined. It’s all about self-expression and simplicity. It is not a watch that is overload with features. Haikara is the only watch that combines the premium feel of mechanical watches with essential digital features. Haikara is the smartwatch for fashion lovers. You can swipe the screen to change designer watch faces on a stunning high-res display. You can also change straps with ease. Make the watch match your outfit, mood or personality. Forget about daily charging because the watch comes with up to 7-day battery life. Watches are made in Finland.

Scandinavian Design.

The Haikara watch was designed by Harri Koskinen. Harri’s works pay tribute to traditional Finnish industrial design, fused with a modern Scandinavian feel. To Harri good design is about understanding the users. His creations not only have beautiful aesthetics but also solve real problems. The Haikara watch is a reflection of Harri’s passion for simplicity. It strikes a delicate balance between beautiful looks and essential functionality.

Each Haikara watch comes with 20 beautiful faces designed by Harri Koskinen. They were inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese design elements. Simply swipe the screen until you find the one that feels right.

Haikara Offers Simplicity.

Smartwatches often promised to make your life simpler, become a distraction on their own. They duplicate your phone, bombard you with alerts and make you read emails from a small screen. Haikara watch makes your life simpler and removes distractions. It is the smart way to make peace with your connected world,  allows you to limit your notifications. It helps you reclaim your time and live in the moment.

The watch will notify you when it happens, so you can focus on what’s truly important. It is about enjoying the precious moments in your life. If you’re in a meeting or enjoying the time with your family, simply put your phone on silent by tapping the watch. Time is too precious to spend it on looking for your phone. Simply tap your Haikara watch twice to make the phone ring if you lost it.

Essential Functionality.

Haikara watch is designed to be a seamless part of your life. There is no buttons or crown to press. There are no extra components in the operating system. They have reimagined the smartwatch experience, leaving only the essentials. They wanted to build a slim and stylish watch with a week-long battery life. So the fitness trackers were left out. At under 10mm, It is the thinnest smartwatch on the market. Forget about buttons or tiny icons. Simply control the watch with intuitive swiping gestures. Tap the watch to put your phone on silent, tap twice to make it ring.

Haikara App.

Haikara watches come with a beautiful iOS and Android app. You can use the app to set the most important alert of the day or download more designer watch faces from the marketplace. Use the Haikara app to select only the most important alert of the day – a phone call, email, event or an instant message.

Battery Life.

The Haikara watch will work for up to a week for under normal use You can change the display settings to suit your day. You can use the always-on mode to make an impression or reduce brightness when you are low on power.

The Final Word.

It blends Scandinavian design with top-notch technology that is synonymous with Japan. This watch will not only serve you for a long time but also make you look great wearing it. The Haikara has been available for pre-order on Indiegogo. You can pledge $199 to preorder the fashionable smartwatch. It is expected to be shipped in December 2017.