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Haier Asu Watch: First Smartwatch with a Projector

Haier Asu Smartwatch

Haier in the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2018 has come with a crafty innovation with a smartwatch. It offered us for the first time a smartwatch equipped with a projector. The new Asu Smartwatch may look and feel like a little bulky box, but it hides underneath a tiny little projector. Let us be clear above one thing. It is not built to hug your wrist like a stylish, sleek and lightweight wearable accessory. It is built for ones who give features priority over the so-called look and feel.

A projector in a watch? What it does after all?

Obviously, it sounds weird to have a projector as part of smartwatch hardware. But it delivers a fairly well deserving functionality. The projector in the new watch is placed on the right side of the watch and when turned on it displays the information from the watch right on your hand or anything you use as a display. To surprise you, the 480×854-pixel resolution of the watch proves to be enough to project the information on any nearby surface, even the skin of the back of the hand.

Obviously, the goings of the wearables have never been easy. Several manufacturers were trying to come with new innovative ideas to stretch the features and functions of these products. But just then Haier came with a watch in which a projector has been jammed inside. Though the idea has been in the air for quite some time, Haier materialised this with the first smartwatch with the projector.

Now when it comes to the merit of the idea, we must admit that such innovation will also help to overcome the limitations of the tiny watch size which remained a painful constraint for many of us who have a love-hate relationship with the smartwatch. The basic idea is to augment and enlarge the 1.54-inch watch display with a 480 x 854 pixel projection straight onto any nearby surface. The user can also interact with the projected image just with simple touch commands.

A Novel idea for a tiny thing like a smartwatch

Thanks to the projector the smartwatch display can enjoy access to a larger surface area compared to a standard smartwatch. This helps you seeing contacts or workout stats on the bigger display while also allowing you to interact with the projected images. If you are thinking the inspiration behind the whole idea is basically to stand out from the rest of competition which is already stiffening with too many players, you are probably wrong. It is very useful as you can use the smartwatch more when it can project the display bigger on the skin of your hand.

What exactly it can show?

It is agreed that the projector loaded inside this smartwatch is a useful thing to access information and functions you need from time to time. But what exactly it is capable of showing? It can show you the digits of phone numbers on your skin or nearby surface as you dial or type. It can also show detailed information in a bigger display right from the fitness tracker on your watch. It really helps athletes and geeky fitness freaks who struggle to look at the tiny screens of trackers and smartwatches while running or going through any workout sessions. While wearing this new Haier Asu watch for timing your next running spree or workout you don’t need to bother looking at the watch face every now and then.

Specs are quite impressive as well

The new Haier Asu watch is not just all about the projector. It is also highly equipped as a modern smartwatch with powerful specs. It is powered by a 1.2GHz processor, a heart-rate sensor, GPS, 4G LTE support and a gyroscope. Moreover, the watch also comes with an IP65 rating which guarantees full resistance to splashes of water and dust.

In closing

Any idea implemented for the first time with several brilliant outputs for the users must be extraordinary. Haier Asu watch is definitely a never-before smartwatch that feels every bit futuristic. Every time you felt your smartwatch screen to be really small for performing certain tasks, this watch offering the ease of a projected display is bound to come as a lucrative option.