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Google Pixel Earbuds

Google Pixel Earbuds

If you own a Pixel you may have already been introduced to the innovative spirit if Google. Keeping that same legacy company introduced new piece of earphones called Pixel Buds. This new earbuds can be your best companion whether for listening music or for conversation. Besides offering crystal clear music listening experience these buds offer real time vocal translations of any language just into the ears of the user. Thus, with pixel buds into your ears you can dodge the language problem while travelling besides enjoying all the regular features of earbuds.

Pixel Buds Made An Unlikely Foray

In all considerations Pixel Buds were not very likely or expected by Pixel users worldwide. When it was released by Google at its famous Made By Google event held in San Francisco this year, the new buds created quite an uproar with its never before features. The buds with a price tag of $249 may seem a little expensive but its worth the price considering the huge advantages of real time voice translation and superb sound quality.

The event which was meant to showcase number of Google made hardware including the Pixel 2 phone, Pixelbook laptop and Google Home speaker was applauded by the audience for a whole range of innovations from Google. Among these new hardware and innovative products obviously Pixel Buds became a winning piece with its extraordinary look, feel and feature set. The new Pixel Buds are not only compatible with the Pixel phone but they can also deliver the same functionality and sound with number of other Android phones.

Great Design Excellence

Pixel Buds are unique particularly in respect of design. Without following the design attributes of other Bluetooth speakers like Apple’s AirPods it chosen linking the buds with a cable. This made the device less susceptible to get lost. The users can easily wear the buds around their neck when not using them.

Pixel Buds are designed to ensure comfort when worn for extended hours of music listening or having phone conversation. Without going deeper into the ear canal they hold the place in the ears quite firmly causing least discomfort for extended hours of use. The small adjustable loop created expressly to hold the earpieces firmly in the ears. The cable loop in the backside of the earbuds prevent them from displacing from the ear holes. Anyone can adjust the loop to fit the earbuds into the ears.

The best thing about this design is that the wearers of these earbuds can always listen the surrounding sound without missing the rich and clear sound poured by the two buds. This would help users stay connected with the surroundings. This would result in better safety while walking the street or bycycling with the pixel buds playing music in the ears.

Great Ease Of Use

The best thing about Goofle earbuds us that it is surprisingly easy to use compared to most other earphones while providing more features than the rest. Controlling the buds is pretty simple and to pause the music all that wearers need to do is to tap on the right earbud. Similarly, by swiping back and forward they can control the volume. By pressing the earbuds they can start speaking to the Google Assistant on their phone and give instructions.

Integration With Google Translate

Besides the awesome quality of sound and music listening and exceptional ease of use, what makes these earbuds stand apart is its integration with the Google Translate. In fact, the typical design that allows listening to ambient sound makes this integration possible because while using the buds the wearer can easily listen to the foreign language conversation and the buds in real time translate this to you. As many as forty different languages are supported for translation but this feature is only available with the Google Pixel smartphone.

User can easily activate the translations just by a simple tap on the earbud of your right ear. Following the tap you need to speak out a request like “Help me speak French”. The translation is perfirmed and you can hear your earbud speak the foreign language in just seconds, without any significant lag time. Your response is also translated in seconds or almost in real time and it is spoken out aloud by the Pixel phone device. The translation of the response is displayed in real time over the screen.

Final Verdict

Pixel Buds coming with a 5-hour battery life and a USB-C charging carry case makes a smart choice for extended use throughout the day. Whether in feature set, design and performance, Pixel Buds truly comes as a never-before value addition.