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Gemio: A Smart Lightning Band to Connect Your Friends and to Add Color to Festive Spirit

Gemio Smart Lightning Band

How about wearing a flashing colorful wearable band on your wrist that besides allowing superb aesthetics offers a robust feature set? Well, the all new Gemio Band is just the kind of wearable your partying spirit was always looking for. It is the wearable bracelet that not just helps to express your  personal style but also helps to connect with your friends, events, favorite artists etc.

The technology that made this bracelet has ensured eye-grabbing colors, textures and lighting effects to accompany you in occasions and events. The endless light effects will respond to music, your body movement, your mood and also to the people around. The band has so much to offer that it received a huge response in Kickstarter and already crossed the target pledging amount.

Fluid Customizable Design

Gemio offers a fluid, brilliantly colorful and textured design with various light effects. As of now, the company offered total six Tile designs to choose from and promises to come with more options after the successful completion of the campaign.

Most important of all the design and look of the color patterns on your Gemio are changeable just with a snap. You can change the design just by switching your tiles. The Tiles in the band are designed optically to respond to Gemio’s LED panel allowing beautiful textured light effects.

What it really does?

Gemio is fully equipped with sensors responsive to light, motion, sound, and proximity, Naturally, it is capable of responding to the people you are with, the location you are in and the activities you are doing. It can respond to your mood, create matching color effects with your attire and offer lighting effects matching the music beats. With Gemio grabbing your wrist you can also remain in touch with your network of friends and acquaintances. This allows easily finding your known people in any event.

How does Gemio work?

The light effects in Gemio basically mimic natural and surrounding elements and responds to the movement of the user. Let us have a look at how the band works.

  • There are various lighting effects like Water Effect with free flowing blues, greens and whites across your band, Fire Effect with red hot, yellowish or orange flickering and Sparking Effects that emits sparks of light when the user taps on it.
  • Gemio allows sending Light Signals to the friends and known people through the connected MyGemio App available both on iPhones and Android.
  • Light Signals coupled up with patterns can communicate simple and short messages inviting people to meet or telling them to get out of the place, bidding them goodbye, etc.
  • It also allows assigning colors to different persons to know instantly about the source of the message.
  • With a light snap or swap, you can change tiles and the light emitting design.
  • The connected MyGemio App allows choosing from various colors and effects.
  • When you do not wear it automatically the motion sensor turns off the light saving battery power.
  • There is optical sensor allowing you set the brightness as per the brightness of a room.

How to Charge it?

Gemio can be charged wirelessly. The device is also equipped with dual batteries allowing it to remain charged for a full night. The magnetic docking point it comes with can hover the band while charging.

Compatible App

The bracelet comes with a connected compatible app called My Gemio App that works as the control mechanism for this wearable band. From picking colors and light effects of your choice to sending signals to friends in a party, the app allows total control of the things you want to do.

Price & Availability

Gemio as of now successfully raised more than $80,000 against a target of $50,000 on Kickstarter. The band is going to be shipped from November his year. For the early birds, a special pre-order price for the band is set at $49 for the band which is subject to rise to $69 and $12 for each of the Tiles.