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Vivofit 4 – Garmin’s Powerful Fitness Tracker at Affordable Price

Garmin vivofit 4 fitness tracker

How can a fitness tracker really make an appeal when the basic and most important features are available on your smartphone or through another cheap tracker? By launching Vivofit 4, Garmin has tried to address this with some cool value additions. What Vivofit boasts of is an all-colour display with a battery life that can last as long as a year. Other typical mainstays of the Garmin fitness offerings are also there. In all regards, it seems to be a powerful product. There are both Move IQ automatic activity detection feature and the Connect online community that it’s earlier products were adorned with.

Is price the real deal? Maybe

For many, the new deal with Vivofit 4 is about the low price tag. The company by lowering the price again with this new version of Vivofit made its intention clear about targeting larger audience who really do not intend to give fitness tracker a chance as an expensive option. While its predecessor cost $100, the new Garmin Vivofit 4 will cost you $80 at Amazon. Now with a rich set of advanced features and a quite affordable price tag it can appeal to those who think their smartphones are enough for tracking fitness.

Year long battery life

The biggest cutting-edge deal of this fitness tracker is that it comes with a battery that lasts for a year and you do not need to reach for a charger within this fairly long period. Powered with two SR43 coin batteries, the new Garmin Vivofit can just offer the best battery life you can think of in a fitness tracker of any kind. In fact, the tracker provides no charging cable at all. When after a year or so the battery completely drains out, all you need is to change the SR43 coin batteries.

All tracking features in one

When it comes to activity tracking throughout the day, Vivofit is capable of tracking all activities throughout the day including steps, distance, sleep and calories. But apart from these basic tracking features it is also equipped with Move IQ integration which is capable to track all kinds of activities such as running, biking and swimming. Apart from these, the tracker also offers a few features that we usually find in smartphones like a stopwatch, weather updates, ‘find my phone’ and a dedicated place to keep all emergency contacts. The Vivofit is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Design and specs

While the battery life of the new Vivofit really rocks, we are also impressed with the beautiful display and cute design of the product. With the continuously on 88 x 88 resolution color display that stays luminous and attractive in darkness, you have more reasons to fall in love with this tracker. But if that is not enough, Garmin also would facilitate you customise the display with the Garmin Connect smartphone app allowing you to change color themes and choosing widgets that suit your taste. You can just wear it like a watch while using it for setting alarms for multiple things.

The textured rubber band of the Vivofit gives an elegant feel, and you get few colour options with the band. The band is available in white, black speckled and black. There are bands for both small and regular wrists. With the width of 19 mm and thickness of 9.4 mm it is really lightweight and slim for any wrist.

Lot of value additions

When it comes to storage, Vivofit 4 has storage of four weeks of activity data. It is also waterproof to ensure that you can carry it beside the pool without having concerns over the splashes of water touching it. But obviously, it won’t work while you are swimming as the device doesn’t come with a swim metric. It comes loaded with a weather widget and a Find My Phone feature that makes it enough to compete with any mobile device in the market.

Final verdict

All new Vivofit 4 seems to cut the competition in the smart fitness tracker market easily with its state of the art features, exceptional display, unmatched battery life, waterproofing and an unmatched price tag. Seriously, if you need an all-round fitness tracker within an easy to reach a price, there is hardly a better option than this latest version of Vivofit.