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Garmin Fenix Chronos Smartwatches – Defining Luxury in Adventure!

Garmin Fenix Chronos

Garmin recently announced Fenix Chronos, a luxury version of its multisport smartwatches, aimed for tracking fitness, steps calculation and calories assessment. With high-end design, this timepiece is necessary for all who want to remain stylish in adventure activities. Whether it is hiking through mountains, biking, swimming or training for a race, it is the best-looking smartwatches designed for outdoor use that suits every style and every adventure.

Inbuilt with an Omni-directional EXO antenna that has a GPS and GLONASS system, Garmin has combined a durable and fashionable metal housing as part of its technology. The smartwatches are available in three versions:

  1. Titanium with a brushed titanium band
  2. Steel with a brushed stainless steel band
  3. Steel with vintage leather band

About Garmin Fenix Chronos

Garmin’s high-end wearable has an altimeter, compass, barometer, and heart-rate monitor bringing the company’s add-ons to a new insight. All the versions of Garmin Fenix Chronos have a high scratch-resistant sapphire lens that displays 1.2-inch Chroma with LED backlighting that holds up well in direct sunlight and even withstand multiple climatic conditions without any problem.

Even the battery life of smartwatch touts 25 hours in UltraTrac battery-saver mode and gives a backup of 13 hours in GPS mode within an astonishingly full week in smartwatch mode.

The company has also designed a new watch face feature that is connected to Connect IQ providing downloadable widgets and apps.

Awesome Design

The refined and luxurious design of Garmin has given a vintage look crafted with genuine leather. The band is hand sewn that gives a classic chic look that has durability and comfort in all respects. The smartwatch also comes with an interchangeable silicone sports band, which can be easily interchanged. Brushed with titanium links, it is strong yet extremely lightweight and sits comfortably on any wrist. Even the stainless steel is assembled and hand-brushed to ensure a smooth, consistent texture.

Garmin has tried is best to meet top-tier performance with sophisticated design to evolve a timepiece that fits any style anywhere and at any time.  With its smart capabilities and rich components, it is certainly a different smartwatch compared to other luxury watches in the market.

Valiant Features

  • Garmin Fenix Chronos comes with GPS, to help them in hiking or running situations.
  • It offers Garmin’s Connect IQ compatibility, that can also show notifications like texts, calls, and so on. The sensors in the watch include an altimeter, barometer, and compass.
  • With Garmin Connect™ mobile app, users can download any of the free apps, widgets, watch faces etc..
  • It is easy to even create custom watch faces using their own photos with the new FaceIt app.
  • Users can pair this smartwatch with a compatible phone to receive an incoming call, text, email, and other alerts.
  • It supports automatic uploads to Garmin Connect mobile, so users can easily share their data, start a Live Track session or share an activity on social media.
  • It is well equipped with daily activity tracking technology, so users can monitor the activity done with a number of steps were taken, calories burnt and stairs climbed.
  • Consumers have the freedom to monitor heart rate 24/7 through the wrist.
  • Chronos smartwatch can also be paired with the HRM-Run to collect advanced running dynamics.

Cost Price & Availability

Garmin is billing it as a luxury device, so you can buy the cheapest Fenix Chronos, which is the steel version with a leather band for $900, Chronos steel with stainless steel band will have an approximate retail price of $999.99 while the titanium version will be retailed at $1,500. The Fenix Chronos is available in the US now, and soon will be launched in the UK too.

Our Verdict

In this latest device, Garmin has certainly created an amazingly elegant and awesome smartwatch that is quite light and usable. It is giving a tough competition to other smartwatches. If you can afford it, then it is great to have a smart watch which is perfect anywhere and anytime.