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Garmin Approach X10: A Wristband Designed for the Golfers

Garmin Approach X10

If you are a golfer, you know how a wrist wearable can really influence the course of swing for a golf ball. Garmin Approach X10 is the GPS golf band is the cutting edge golf band with exemplary comfort and discrete features that a golfer will always find useful. The awesome thing about this small fitness band is, the regular golfers reserves can information for as many as 41,000 golf courses around the world. Designed particularly for the golf players who always look for the course information close in hand, the Garmin Approach X10 can literally help you perform better while perfecting your shots in different golf courses.

Cute design with small form factor

When you sport a smartwatch, or a sports watch you unnecessarily need to carry a lot of extra features and consequent bulk with the small wrist device. That is something not going to happen with this latest Gramin offering. It is exceptionally specific in delivering only required features like golf course information and GPS positioning while sporting the exceptionally small form factor and cute wearable design of a fitness band.

It is about golf and also about golf stats

Well, Garmin Approach X10 offers you all details about golf courses and guides you through the potting of balls with accuracy by showing details layups, doglegs and bunkers for every hole you want to target. But that does not prevent it from offering the rich features and functionalities of an activity band capable of keeping track of your goof statistics and activity details in a measured and comprehensive manner. With guidance from the band, you can always put the flags in the right position and post your balls more accurately.

How it works?

Approach X10 works like an authentic move-anywhere golfing partner that clearly shows where you are on the course and accordingly shows you the distance from the pin. The highly sensitive GPS sensor always furnishes the exact data about the distance from the pins. The lucid and crystal clear touchscreen display always shows you the distance to the front, back and centre of the green.

Just when you are about to aim with the stick, the true Green View of the golf course offers a clear display of the layout of the green. With the true view of the course available on the screen, you can manually adjust the pins to help location and shot selection.

A dedicated app

The Approach X10 also offers the support of a dedicated and compatible Garmin Golf app which helps the wearer interacting with the leaderboards available online. This app also helps the golfers to keep track of stats and compete with fellow golfer friends on the same course. The app delivers a scoreboard as well to keep track of your performance while trying to starve for better performance.

It is water resistant

It is particularly useful for the golfers of U.K. and other countries where frequent cats and dog raining is almost a routine thing. The band with water resistant capacity just relieves you of the concern of a wet band that can malfunction. The battery of the band offers quite pretty 12 hours of battery life with GPS mode on.

Price and availability

The Garmin Approach X10 will be available from close to the end of this month and is expected to sport a price tag of £159.99.

A quick look at the golf-friendly features

When taking a quick glance at the features and capabilities of the band, it can be described in the following manner.

  • It is a simple and intuitive wrist wearable designed and built particularly for golfers.
  • It is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable wear boasting an easy-to-read touchscreen display.
  • It comes loaded with the course information of more than 41,000 golf courses worldwide.
  • It has detailed course data corresponding to the distance to the front, back and middle of the green along with the hazards and doglegs.
  • You enjoy the true green view of the golf course with the option of placing pins manually to demarcate your targets.
  • It is extremely lightweight and comfortable for the wrist to wear for extended hours.

A final note

This is the first of its kind golf band for the seasoned golfers with all golf friendly features and extensive golf course information. Moreover, new courses and additional information are frequently added once in a while to add value to the wristband.