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Wearable Technology and Its Future

The way technology is finding ways to enter our lives and influence us is rapidly growing and as that happens we are only getting more dependent on it and not keep it separate from our lives. Until a few years ago, we only had desktops and smartphones in the name of technology. But with the advent of technology over the last few years, we have seen a major addition to the list, that is, wearable technology.

Wearable technology started from fitness trackers that would track your heartbeat and the number of steps you take in a day. Then we got other products like the Apple Watch and Google Glass. So the wearable technology is getting faster and smaller. This means we could not only be wearing wearable tech on the outside, but also on the inside. Since the wearable tech craze, top wearable app development companies have been investing heavily in the tech and also users and developers are guessing the future of what the wearable technology holds for us humans.

Wearables Might Replace Smartphones

People have also been speculating how wearables have complete power to replace smartphones. Currently, most wearables are paired with a smartphone, but soon there will be a time when wearables will be used independently and will also replace smartphones. The wearable technology will reach a level where a combination of wearables like watches and glasses will make more sense than smartphones. There are two factors that make the winning point for wearables.

  • Less Grinding. A number of steps or a time period that need to be completed in order to accomplish a particular goal.
  • More Absorption. Accommodating real life better with the potentiality of computation.


Earbuds are probably the most advanced category in the wearable technology. The trend started with Apple Airpods. Later the competition tried adding advanced features like telling the current pace and heart rate, amplifying what’s happening outside, control with virtual 4D gestures and Voice, real-time translation. Earbuds have been explored enough but there are a number of brands that are making efforts to bring something new. The pros of earbuds definitely outweigh its cons.


Slowly earbuds are becoming the ears and the glasses are becoming the eyes, the watch is definitely a heart according to this analogy. With its Watch, Apple tries to target fitness enthusiasts. But that is pretty limited. A smartwatch, considering it is at the center of wearable technology, should be able to do a lot more. This can be possible if two aspects are taken care of, which are: small screen and battery life.


Coming to smart glasses, they are definitely a huge deal and a critical piece when talking about augmented reality. Seeing something through smart glasses sound really great, but the moment you have to stop and pull out your phone to view the content, it doesn’t seem that great. Both AR and Smart Glasses need each other equally to work out this thing. Glasses are definitely the eyes of the whole wearable technology setup. The best part about glasses is that they are always at the user’s eye level not hidden in your pocket.

When smartphones came out, there were certain factors due to which they won over the mainstream computing devices.

  • It was always easier to carry a smartphone around than carrying a laptop. The device is always with you. The same happens with wearables, you’re constantly wearing the device.
  • The input paradigm was faster and easier. Wearables will go one step ahead with gestures and voice.
  • The smartphone was easier to access and easily available. The wearables are even easier to access.

Obviously, there will be details that will have to be figured out, for instance:

  • Is the wearable listening each and every command of yours?
  • What are the UI elements that you see constantly?
  • Can the earbuds be integrated with the glasses?
  • What about battery life? Is there a common apparatus that can be used to charge all these devices?

Wrap up

Apple is trying to make the most of this and also looks like it will succeed as they have the hardware, the style, and they are also working on AR. Very soon, we will all be majorly relying on wearables and smartphones will look out of place if seen anywhere.

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