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Front Row FR Wearable Camera: Impressive Way To Capture Life Around


Almost everybody enquiries over camera when talking about an upcoming smartphone. Yes, taking pics through our handheld device has already taken over majority of daily-life photographic endeavours. But this seemingly endless rendezvous with smartphone camera can soon be over thanks to a new breed of smart wearable camera. The new FrontRow camera from Ubiquiti Networks upholds this near future of wearable photography. Weighing just less than 2 ounces and boasting a pendant like design it can capture life around you without making much noise over it.

Exceptionally Elegant And Non-Invasive Design

The Front Row wearable camera boasts of a unique pendant like design and comes in black or white. It comes loaded with both front- and back-facing cameras and a crystal smooth 2-inch circular hi-resolution touch screen. With a sleek body and pretty pendant like shape it is beautiful and least invasive as a wearable camera. It just hangs around your neck as any regular necklace while taking crisp pics of life around you. Though this camera is built expressly as an wearable to worn around the neck, you can also mount it on the dashboard or a kickstart with a connector attached to it at the top.

Photographic Merit Redefined For Wearable

While in design it holds some cool aesthetic value, it does not compromise when it comes to photographic output. FrontRow offers two cameras, respectively at the back which has a 8-megapixel sensor and the front camera with 5 megapixel sensor. The half-dollar coin sized device also has a 2-inch circular LCD touchscreen at the front. Do you want to grab the life vividly in motion? Don’t worry, it can capture 1080p video as well and can stream it live on Facebook or YouTube. You can shoot a video and steam it live for as long as two hours.

Performance Is Quite Fine

Now when it comes to the performance of this never-before and quite innovatively designed wearable camera, it functions pretty well. The touchscreen is quite responsive and you can navigate through the menus with fluid motion of your fingers. The bubble like menus give us a feeling of the old-world webOS though the device is actually an Android one in spite of the claim of the Ubiquiti that it is run on FrontRow OS. This so called FrontRow OS looks and feels completely like Android. The live streaming of video works awesome and without any performance ditches. To boost its performance further the device offers Dropbox integration.

The Surprise ‘Story’

So called videos and photos apart, the new device boasts a surprise feature as well. It offers a “story” mode in which all the photos and videos captured throughout the day by the device camera are edited to deliver a time lapse style video. Thanks to this new mode of creating time lapse video, the so called bad shots can be eliminated. Story mode is clever enough to utilise sensor data and other layers of information to eliminate worst shots from a time lapse video.

The Cost Factor Is A Bit Heavy

All the succulent features and exceptional design aesthetics that made this device so unique as a wearable camera do not come at really an affordable price. Yes, in comparison to most wearable cameras in the market it costs a little higher. With a price tag of $400, it is expensive than most wearable spectacles and wearable clip cameras all of which come with price tags varying from $140. $279. So, from the cost factor it seems that the company needs a very strong sales proposition to bring it successfully to the larger audience.

Final Verdict

If you look at the last decade of various smart cameras that evolved through features and design aesthetics to arrive ultimately to clips and spectacles, the audience has not been very kind to most of these devices. Wearable cameras have mostly been a niche item for a select and few. From big headgear to tiny clips to large popped out spectacles, design has always been a big concerning areas for smart wearable cameras. In that respect FrontRow just made a valuable presence with its pendant camera.

Whether you are attending a rock concert with crowd pushing around or travelling in high mountains, this device will hang on to your neck taking crisp images effortlessly. That’s precisely the impressive point about FrontRow.