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FITT360: A Feature Rich Wearable Camera to Capture 360 Degree Snaps

FITT360 Wearable Camera

Wearable has come in a big way to deliver the so called digital experience more effortlessly. From the smartwatches to the optically mounted computer through the spectacles to the VR and AR headsets, wearable devices and their respective experience have come a long way. We have seen few wearable cameras as well. A new wearable camcorder named FITT360 is just on its way through the the Kickstarter campaign. All that this device amounts to is its capacity to capture 360-degree images and videos without holding the camera in the hand.

What is FITT360?

FITT360 is basically a 360-degree wearable camcorder allowing you to wear it around your neck. It is the first of its kind device that allows you to snap crisp images and razor sharp videos quite effortlessly just by wearing the gadget around your neck.

A complete hands-free camera experience

The idea seems to be quite a winning one since with this wearable camcorder you can really snap the surrounding world in an unperturbed manner without glitches. This wearable camcorder comes loaded with three different cameras hugging the wearable neckband respectively on the front, another one on the side and the last one placed on the rear side. With each camera having the capability of capturing 180-degrees snaps, you just need to press a button and it’ll start recording automatically. This will facilitate a completely hands-free camera capture experience.

Its feature rich

If the hands-free and automatic capturing capability of this wearable camera is not enough,you also have WiFi to stream your captured videos live and upload images across social platforms. When it is about accessing the contents captured by this camera it offers several options. It allows you exporting a large 360-degree photo or exporting one single full HD image. The camera can also capture 4K quality video. It can record a video with a duration up to 90 minutes.

FITT360 is equipped with fully functional IPX rating to deliver water resistant capacity. Though you cannot dip it deep under the water, the water resistance works fine for wearing the device out in the rain.

FITT360 comes in three different sizes, respectively as small, medium and large.

FITT360 is a camcorder loaded with GPS feature as well. The embedded GPS allows you to figure out the route you have traveled and hiked. Furthermore, being equipped with Bluetooth and a microphone, it can also be used as a headphone.

Awesome benefits

FITT360 as the first of its kind wearable camcorder will make the life easier for many professionals and photography enthusiasts. Some of the key advantages of FITT360 include the following.

  • It comes as a totally hands free or mount free camera option that allows effortless camera captures just with the press of a button.
  • While capturing it always offers the first person view with really immersive 360 degree captures.
  • With FITT360 on your neck you cannot miss a single moment or what is happening around you.
  • Live streaming allows you to share your captures across social platforms in real time.
  • Embedded GPS feature within the FITT360 helps you tracking and mapping the video locations and creating personalised street views.
  • It also works as a bluetooth headset to listen to music and answer calls when you are not using the camera.

How it works?

The best thing about FITT360 is that it can be used even by a completely non-geeky person without any prior experience in 360 degree photo shooting. All you need is to wear FITT360 simply around the neck and press a button to start capturing the world around you. When you wear it the 3 Full HD Cameras positioned across the wearable continue capturing sharp videos and images around you with a True First Person View (FPV).

FITT360 also comes with a connected mobile app “FITT360” which further helps you normalising the exposures in clips from 3 different cameras and stitch them automatically. The app also helps you minimise the hand-shaking effects on your images and videos. The same app allows you to share the video and images in real time or anytime thereafter.

Final Verdict

FITT360 has been just launched on Kickstarter and already it has crossed its $50,000 goal. Though, the company did not reveal the retail price yet the Kickstarter price range now varies from $370 to $600. Undoubtedly, it is the first of a kind wearable camera with so many features packed in.