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Fitbit Versa: A Smartwatch for Everyone with Lot of Value Additions

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit, a well-known brand for making fitness trackers is trying hard to have a solid grasp over the smartwatch market. After few earlier attempts that couldn’t bring huge success, the company finally came with two cute smartwatches, namely Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ace. While the later is expressly built for kids, Fitbit Versa arrives with a designer flair along with solid tech specs. Sporting a price tag of $200 Fitbit Versa looks really promising and attractive option for present generation of smartwatch enthusiasts.

Fitbit Versa is a fully fledged smartwatch that sports a great design while sporting a realistic price tag. If you are a Fitbit fitness tracker user or enjoy all the fitness apps unleashed by the company so far, know that besides being compatible with all of its signature fitness trackers it accommodates all the apps built previously for the more expensive Fitbit Ionic.

Price and availability

Fitbit Versa is supposed to be launched in April with a price tag of just $200. This is still $50 less compared to the entry-level version of the Apple Watch.

Fitbit Versa taking the lead over the Ionic

When reviewing the Fitbit Ionic, the first smartwatch of the company in the previous year most of us were astonished at the ambitious price tag. We also complained about the bulk of its design. Fitbit Versa represents an improvement on both of these fronts. It is less expensive, lighter in the body and slimmer in design. It is also most equipped smartwatch with a rich set of features that make it a strong contender against Apple Watch.

It is more comfortable on the wrist and looks a lot low-key than the erstwhile Ionic. That’s precisely a direction Fitbit is trying to fulfill its smartwatch ambitions. When compared to Apple Watch it looks much larger but a lot lighter on the wrist than most other smartwatches in the market. The only downside when compared to the Ionic is that it doesn’t have a GPS tracker inside. That can be a petty compromise for many and a big one for some buyers.

It is richly featured

There are many Wow elements this new Fitbit watch offers. Let’s take the case of enhanced battery life. It comes with a battery power that would last four days at a stretch with just a single charge. This is just enough for you to remain free of concerns about your smartwatch going dead at times.

Fitbit Versa also comes loaded with a gamut of features that include heart rate monitor, 50-meter water resistance capacity, inbuilt music storage and a wide spectrum of app compatibility. All these together make this a complete and all-round smartwatch launched by the company to this date.

Cute design

If you sport this smartwatch with different bands, you can add more style to it. But the low-key, slim and almost stripped-off design of the Fitbit Versa makes it an ideal smartwatch for styling. Fitbit gave serious thought to the design shortcomings of the Fitbit Ionic.

It embraced a rounded square design almost referring to the fusion “squircle” design convention. It equally makes you remember the Apple Watch and Pebble Time while never missing the unique design elements. The watch is built with smooth aluminum and comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, and rose gold. It also comes with a wide range of stylish band options including leather, steel link, silicone, mesh-style, woven and knit bands.

It can track menstrual cycles in women

Fitbit Versa is launched to address a larger audience, particularly the women. It is reported that the watch will be able to track the menstrual cycles of women without requiring any special app. This is a real feat achieved by a smartwatch till date. While there are standalone apps for the purpose, offering this tracking feature along with many just through one app is a real feat. This new approach to women’s health by helping them find the correlation between their menstrual routine and fitness schedule is something that makes it an invincible health tool for women.

A refurbished OS and new fitness features

Making a shift from the earlier Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa will now have a revamped and refurbished OS allowing quick grab on the fitness data with just a glance on the wrist along with more detailed aspects of fitness tutoring and boosting motivation. While you are running, just a single swipe on the screen will reveal many fitness features at just a glance.

This new Fitbit 2.0 OS will also allow replying quickly to messages for Android users. You can customise the list of canned responses through a Fitbit app on your phone and use them with your Versa smartwatch.

As for making payment through your smartwatch, you have Fitbit Pay which allows NFC on-wrist payments. The only discouraging fact is this app supports only a few banks in comparison to the Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay which supports a larger cluster of banks.

In a nutshell,

Fitbit Versa seems to be way ahead of most smartwatches both in terms of slim and cute design and the gamut of advanced features. A few shortcomings can still be found, but that just doesn’t matter when tallied with its much realistic price tag.