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Fitbit Alta – The Latest Fitness Tracker in Town for Women

Fitbit Alta

Fitness trackers have become as popular as mobile phones in today’s technological world. With every major brand launching the latest tracker, the industry has become cluttered, giving users a plethora of options to choose from. However, what makes one tracker truly stand apart from another, is the uniqueness in the design – something that doubles up as a fashion accessory in addition to offering health statistics. Plastic trackers with mundane gadget-like design are no longer desirable, compelling tracker manufacturers to design gadgets that look equally attractive to both men and women.

The Fitbit Alta is Female-Centric

Fitbit Alta for Female

No matter how hard makers of fitness trackers try to make the gadget elegant and feminine, it is nearly impossible for them to disguise their trackers as fashion accessories. While most of the fitness trackers in the market today cater to men, Fitbit Alta has been specially designed for the fairer sex that not only offers top-notch functionality but is also bound to create a style statement. Fitbit Alta has been designed to fit more snugly on women’s wrists, making it appear more like a piece of jewelry than a gadget.

Enjoy the Best of Features

  • Fitbit Alta offers some of the best features that are most essential: activity tracking, automatic sleep monitoring, and silent alarms. The gadget however is devoid of a heart-rate monitor.
  • The built-in smart-track feature automatically recognizes and records activities such biking, hiking, running and sports. So users do not have to start and stop a workout.
  • Similarly, the automatic sleep tracking feature detects when the user has gone to sleep and monitors his sleep pattern spontaneously.
  • Moreover, users no longer have to be bothered by the innumerable notifications that most trackers provide. They can select the notifications that require and keep their phones tucked away in their bags.
  • Fitbit Alta offers a curated experience that encourages people to meet their fitness goals and not be bothered about unwanted Twitter or Facebook Notifications.

Unique Tap Display

While most fitness trackers today incorporate a touch display, the Fitbit Alta comes with a coloured tap-display. Fitbit Alta reacts only to the tap of the finger; users can tap through for stats and notifications instead of swiping, although this new aspect will require some time to practice and master.

Choose from an Array of Colours

Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta has made sure users do not have to stick to one coloured tracker all the time. While the tracker is available for $129.95, Fitbit Alta additionally offers a range of bands in different materials and colours, enabling users to seamlessly swap between bands. With an easy release mechanism at the back of the band, users can snap the tracker into two pieces to lock it in. Fitbit Alta users can choose from a black, blue, or plum coloured plastic band. Each band is priced at $29.95 each. For the more fashion-savvy user, Fitbit Alta offers leather bands in gray, camel and blush pink colours, each priced at $59.95 or the stainless steel band for a price of $99.95.

Flaunt It

While fitness trackers have come a long way in terms of their design and the functionality they offer, most of them continue to just offer high-end technological data without really having an appealing look. While such trackers have undergone several iterations, and have gotten slimmer and smarter with time, Fitbit Alta is finally one device you would actually want to wear and flaunt. If you are a casual fitness enthusiast and are looking to purchase a moderately priced, good-looking fitness tracker, then Fitbit Alta is your savior! However you will have to wait until April 2016 to lay your hands on this device.