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Fitbit Ace: A Fitness and Sleep Tracker Built and Designed for Kids

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit is already known the world over as the fitness tracker band. For many fitness freaks, it is synonymous with the fitness tracking. But it was a serious brand with serious offerings for the fitness-serious people. The Generation Y kids who are already fitness conscious, deserve attention with a tracker made for them. The new Fitbit Ace has arrived to fill this gap. It is a fitness tracker designed particularly for kids aged 8 and above.

The research says that above the age of 8 the lifestyle of kids tends to be more sedentary and undisciplined. This is when Fitbit Ace comes as a great tool to keep them fit and on the positive track of health and well being. To stress the point further, it follows several World Health Organisation recommendations for preventing diseases and ill health with proper exercise and sleep.

It is designed for kids

The Fitbit Ace sports a design and build quality that prevents usual wear and tear common with items used by kids. It is designed and built keeping particularly kids in mind. It comes with a button-free tappable display which also works like a clock.

  • It is completely shower-proof and survives regular splashes and spills.
  • It offers a robust battery life extensible up to 5 days.
  • Meeting the kids friendly design expectations it comes with 10 funny clock faces to choose from.
  • It comes with an adjustable band size to fit into the tiny wrists.

Fitbit Ace abilities

This is a fitness tracker that helps kids to stay active and moving around at least 60 minutes a day besides helping kids to fulfill the goal of getting 9 to 12 hours of sound sleep. Fitbit Ace can track the steps, sleep and regular exercise of your kids. It can also be connected to the kid’s phone allowing access to the incoming call and text notifications.

Let us have a look at the key features and capabilities of Fitbit Ace:

  • It can track activity all through day and night.
  • Fitbit Ace can track steps, activity time and sleep.
  • It shows all tracking stats on an easy-to-read bright display.
  • It also gives notifications with badges to motivate kids when a goal is achieved.
  • It offers frequent reminders and alerts to motivate kids to move and indulge in activities.
  • Fitbit Ace motivates kids to fulfill the 60 minutes of daily activity objective as recommended by the US Centre for Disease Control.

Great control with two accounts

Fitbit Ace also comes well equipped with great control features for the guardians to take part and keep a watch on the activities and sleep of their kids. Besides the regular account for kids, it also comes with Fitbit Family account which allows parents to track the activities of kids right from their smartphone.

Thanks to this family account parents can also check in and track activities remotely
Under the direct supervision of this family account, a kids account can be created by the parents to help kids track their own activities and stats.
There is a specifically designed secure Kid View to help kids track their progress, goal achievement badges and stats.

Fitbit Ace can also spark healthy competition

The new Fitbit Ace also comes with some modes that can spark a friendly competition among kids and the family members. It comes equipped to deliver specific goal achievement badges along with a five-day challenge mode which can help family members compete with each other to stay fit and vibrant.

Kids can compete head-to-head with their friends or family members by through stepping in challenges and can win virtual trophies and achievement badges.
Fitbit Ace also allows the kids to compare their fitness stats and progress with other kids and their friends right on their wrist.
To get and spark more motivation through Fitbit Ace kids can share and exchange messages and can cheer their family members.

Fitbit Ace also perfects sleep

Keeping the sleeping patterns and sleeping habit of the kids in order is often a bigger challenge for many guardians, and in that respect, Fitbit Ace offers some cool attributes.

  • At the outset, it tones down and shed light on every night.
  • It actively tracks sleep duration and the schedule of sleep.
  • It sets bedtime sleep reminders through the app.

Pricing and availability

It has just been launched for the US and international market with a price tag of $99.95 for the US, £79.99 for the UK and AU$129.95 for Australia.

Final Verdict

Obviously, as a dedicated fitness tracker for kids and that too bearing the leading brand name of Fitbit, the Fitbit Ace really offers a great value for the kids who need staying fit and active more than ever, due to the sedentary lifestyle effects around them.