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Fantom: The World’s First Smartwatch For Football Fans

What would it be like to have a smartwatch that would inform you about a particular thing? Have you ever wanted one like that? Imagine having a smartwatch whose sole purpose is to inform its user regarding the happening of a particular event. And no, it’s not one of those silly health and fitness smartwatches we are talking about. But something like your favourite sports team. How does that sound?

Only For Football Fans.

The Fantom boasts itself as the first smartwatch only for football fans. Because non-fans will never really understand your intense need to know the minutiae of your most favourite club. The Fantom can be said to be a step ahead from all those regular smartwatches we use that show heart rates and give us health and fitness tips.

Partnered With Soccer Clubs.

The Fantom is partnered with a host of soccer clubs around the world. It aims on providing you information direct from the source, the club itself. There is no need for any annoying analysis or breaking news from the bias mainstream sports media. This watch provides you live match info on your wrist. It also gives match time during the game, even if you’re not there. There is also a this-day-in-history feature for reliving past glories. Also, you will be able to vote on things like man of the match and “club topics.”

Fan Finder.

The standout feature is the Fan Finder. This feature is being publicized as “spider sense for football fans.” The Fantom will alert you when someone who also uses a Fantom is around you and likes the same club. Then you and your new buddy can talk and rant and watch games together. This is very useful for the times you are not online in dedicated fan forums or subreddits. It is also helpful at a sports bar or at a game itself. You never know whether you’ll be out buying grocery and, as if touched by the football gods themselves, you gain extraordinary clarity on a particular football match.


  1. Live Match Info: You can receive in-game stats and updates as they happen, directly on your wrist.
  2. Fan Finder: It provides spider sense for fans. You can find and meet fellow supporters all over the world.
  3. Have Your Say: You can tap the display in order to vote on club topics, man of the match, and more.
  4. Inside Info: It gives you exclusive news directly from your club, as it happens.
  5. On This Day: With this feature, you can relive those classic club moments.
  6. Match Time: This feature turns your Fantom on to show you match time, during game.

Releasing In October.

You can get the band in either your club’s colors or a simpler black. Fantom is currently showcasing the Manchester City version. You can get them for pretty much every team in England’s top league. You can also get it from some of the more popular teams from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal. There’s also a handful of teams from less popular leagues, like MLS, Russia, Greece and more. There is no word on price yet. But the watch is said to be released in October.

An Idea Far Too Niche.

There is potential in this idea. But it would require teams to give these away for free to season ticket holders and adding stadium-specific things, like payments and food delivery. Right now though, this is idea is just far too niche.