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Epson ProSense Outshines All Other GPS Running Watches


Few years before Epson came out with its running watch with several first of its kind features. But before we were really awestruck several problems with its performance were surfaced. Since then, the company was putting its efforts to come with a better GPS running watch capable to silence the critics and competitors alike. At least the new Epson ProSense range gives us such an impression.

A Wide Range With Different Price Points

Basically, the range consisting of five different watches took precision and user-centric watch design to a new level. Yes, each watch is made keeping different user needs and preferences in mind. There is ProSense watch for beginners on the track and also for experienced runners who are taking strides on the track for years on. The range begins with just an affordable price tag of $99.99 for ProSense 17 and goes up to $399.99 for ProSense 367.

Design And Display

Epson is already a leader in producing sensors and the ProSense range reinstates that reputation once again. But, matching its brilliance of quality sensing technology the watch range also comes with a sophisticated and stylish look allowing optimum ease of use. With as much as 11 different color variants to choose from the range offers a lot of choices to keep up with your expectation concerning look. The watches look sporty, sturdy and just perfect to grace your wrist during the workout or running.

Best In Class GPS Battery life

The watch offers truly best in class GPS battery life that can keep the device alive and function for 46 hours at a stretch. This is fairly enough for the watch to be used for several days without charging in case you are not using it all the time except during workout and running sessions.

Track lot Of Activities

It is a kind of running watch that has the quality to accompany a sportsman for life all through his activities and sports. It keeps you informed about all your sporting activities including running, swimming, cycling and many other daily chores. While tracking information about the activities it sends data automatically to the easy to use Epson View App2 allowing further analysis and helping you driving for your goals. The watch also allows you sharing running information and other types of activity data directly on social media and other well-known running apps such as Runkeeper.

Never Before Features With Every Watch

The best selling point of this GPS running watch range is obviously the new and valuable features. If we take each watch from the range separately, all of them stands out in their own right. The ProSense 17 available in 3 shades have the basic features like running GPS built in beside a good 13-hour battery life while tracking. It is better than its closest competitor watch with the same features. This model does not have a touchscreen and only allows control with 5 physical buttons.

Now every watch comes with several running features and if they come packed with training modes like interval training and heart rate tracking. By syncing running and health data in real time it allows tracking and analysis. Apart from this, ProSense can also work as an all-day activity tracking device to monitor all conditions including speech and walk. ProSense also works like smartwatches when it comes to accessing notifications and controlling workout music right in your wrist.

The only thing that stings to the heart of sports geeks is the pricey higher models that come packed with best and most advanced features while the affordable and basic ProSense 17 just lacks those lucrative selling points. While the company thoughtfully spaced out an entire range of running watches for every category and respective price range, for the sake of seasoned runners the higher models could be made a little affordable.

Final Verdict

If we are not wrong, more than the features most professional runners require plenty of battery running time and in this regard, the top model in the ProSense range really stands out with awesome 46 hours. For athletes spending hours on the track, there can be nothing better than this especially when most competitors come miles behind this Epson range in terms of battery life. With the awesome pack of features for professional runners and with a bunch of choices for every type of runner, Epson ProSense seems to have a clear lead among running watches.