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The Dot: A Braille Smartwatch For The Visually Impaired


Dot was founded on a culture and goal to make everything accessible to everyone. The main goal in development was to increase affordability. The development of DOT’s own innovative Active Braille Technology made this possible. It reduces size and production cost by more than ten times.Also, increases speed and keeps energy consumption low. The  Smartwatch is the entry device into the assistive technology market. It was developed in close relationship with Braille education institutes all over the world. This was done to deliver a final product that fits the actual needs of blind and visually impaired people. DOT is promoted and distributed at trade fair and institutions for the blind and visually impaired worldwide.

Minimalist Design.

The Dot Watch’s aluminum casing undergoes precise CNC manufacturing. This is done to ensure the perfect balance between a timeless material of quality and the finest of modern technology. The quality materials for the watch were carefully hand-selected and meticulously crafted. You will feel the artistry within the product manual, the box, and the enclosure. They have imagined the whole user experience starting with the package weight, ending with holding the Watch for the first time.

How Does It Work?

The Dot works in a pretty straightforward manner. Underneath the concave dial is four motorized modules. Each module comes with six possible dots. Each dot can be raised or lowered individually. So the Dot can display up to four braille characters at a time, wearer then just reads the dial as he or she would a piece of paper with braille on it. The concave dial offers a protective rim around the braille modules. This makes it easier to wear the watch day in and day out.


About 75% of the world’s blind population is located in Africa and in Asia. Mainly India and China. The main focus of it is to improve the braille literacy rates by an average of over 90%. It has been concerned with the braille education for the visually impaired children in the developing countries for this very reason. The Dot Mini project supports blindness prevention projects. It will create an environment where braille can be learned on their own. It will be made available at a low price by implementing the core functions.

  1. The Dot is lightweight for children to carry.
  2. It supports text contents, including textbooks.
  3. The Dot is an educational device for children who have difficulties going to school


Dot Pad is totally different from the previously existing one-line Piezo braille displays. The multi-layered braille cells of the Dot Pad will offer unprecedented features such as math, figure, palindrome, electronic braille book, and coding. You can learn a variety of tactile contents and even create new forms of different contents. With the Dot Pad, they aim to solve the information gap and educational problems of the visually impaired. Also, to improve the quality of life of the visually impaired worldwide. They have collaborated with the world’s top experts in the related fields. They have closely monitored and assessed numerous problems faced by the visually impaired people. The team is now implementing to improve one step at a time.

Helping in Public Spaces.

The team has noticed many inconveniences that visually impaired people experience while using public services. From this, they are preparing to change the public spaces into the spaces of equal value for all. Buses, subways, trains, and airlines etc. With the help of Dot’s technology, the team plans to bring about changes to the public spaces. With this, the visually impaired and blind people can fully enjoy the conveniences. The Dot Watch has started being shipped and is priced at $290.