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Dagadam Watch Is Designed To Be The Future of Smartwatches

dagadam watch

Dagadam is a smartwatch that weaves the ultimate technology with a comfortable and ergonomic design perfectly. Dagadam is a public company involved in researching and developing artificial intelligent-based technologies. With the use of intelligent systems that employ the latest technological advancements and attention to details, the aim of Dagadam is to reach a brand new level of innovation. A team is working on this project since February 2014.

Ergonomic Design.

Humans are guided by our senses in life, our sight being one of them. This is the reason why design is a key element for our products. The design makes our products unique, natural and elegant as well. Dagadam has the tactile sense, enticed by a smooth, continuous, and round item, that merges perfectly with your wrist. It’s high-quality artificial leather, black and blue, and with 8 different colors of rubber bands available. You can choose any of them and make the watch a reflection of your lifestyle, whether it is sporty or elegant, or both.

Smart Notification Center.

Dagadam is probably the first smartwatch that has a Smart Notification Center, called Dagadam HUB. It analyzes and learns the way you interact with notifications and sort’s future ones according to your specific preferences and habits.


The “SENSE” touch bezel is a sleek, touch sensitive ring around the outer edge of the display for easy navigation, clicking, scrolling, zooming and more. The company is in the developmental phase of “SENSE” function right now.

Dagadam Buddy.

The Dagadam smartwatch features something called Dagadam Buddy feature that lets you trade contact and social media information with your friends just by touching both watches together for 5 seconds. You can also exercise control on what you want to share. This function will be available only between two Dagadam watches.

Dagadam FIT

This feature will record and analyzes your daily nutrition. In that way it will give you a complete report. The report will include: Calorie intake, average basal calorie consumption based on your weight, height, age, gender, calorie consumption doing sports ,communication with Fitness app and the difference between intake and consumption.

Accurate Tracking Features.

The Dagadam smartwatch was designed in order to fit an active lifestyle. The smartwatch comes with an incorporated GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and accelerometer. You can have a clearer view of your performances and listen to your favorite songs, without having a phone on you. The device is light and sturdy, thanks to the aluminium 6082 case and dust and water resistance (IP67).

Other Features.

Functionality: Dagadam watch allows you to check, make, or answer calls, texts, email notifications/reply, and calendar alerts directly on your wrist.
Always-on Display: The power save mode allows you to check time at a glance without draining the battery.
Music Control: You can use Dagadam watch to control music on your phone easily. Also, you can have your favourite music directly on your smartwatch being independent on your phone.
Built-in Apps: Dagadam comes with pre-installed apps for both iOS and Android. It has Dialer, Calendar, Fitness, Timer, Music Player, Weather, Calculator etc.

Supports Both iOS and Android.

Dagadam comes with a series of useful apps. It includes Dialer, Calendar, Health, Fitness, and many more. These apps are designed specifically for excellent functionality. You can even use “Find my phone” to locate your phone from your watch. Dagadam smartwatch is compatible with iPhone and Android. The System requirement for iOS is iOS 8.0 and Android is Android 4.3+.

So Many Options.

You can pledge the Dagadam smartwatch on Kickstarter for an early bird pricing of $189. After that it will be sold at $229. There are different sizes available for the wristbands. They offer 8 colours for the rubber wristbands: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Burgundy, Gray, Pink, and Blue. While the leather wristbands comes in three colors: Black, Gray, and Blue.