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CYANO Dive Computer: A Wearable Computer Expressly

CYNO Dive Computer

Korean based company Watoom is on its way to launch a first of its kind wearable computer built expressly for divers. The breakthrough product referred as Cyano is packed with features typically required by divers when getting head on into the water. Apart from ensuring an array of diver-friendly features, the device looks exceptionally stylish as a smart wearable.

Under the hood, this wearable gem is packed with an awesome range of features including a diving log, feature to see water depth, water temperature, ascent rate and regular smartwatch features like current time and stopwatch. The watch also comes packed with a compass to help navigation. The device remains connected with an accompanying Bluetooth app to deliver valuable data on a smartphone.

What is Cyano?

Every diver knows the importance of diving computer as it helps him to achieve perfection and precision of diving over time. Earlier divers needed to make the calculation of their diving time and other aspects through tables. Thanks to dive computer embracing your wrist now you can track your diving performance more accurately than ever before. Yes, Cyano is the wearable diving computer that allows you to do that.

Great Design And Solid Built

Built with high quality and durable SUS316L Stainless Steel and silicone the watch is supposed to beat the wear and tear of daily life for years. It looks much similar to the Apple Watch and just makes a fine stylish wearable for your everyday whereabouts. While you have a range of bands to sport this watch, you can also wear it with the original 24mm bands of Apple Watch.

The design is compact and appealing enough to wear it on all occasions and young divers will find it a beautiful device for diving and daily life. To add to the appeal of the device the users can choose from as many as 16 different watch faces and four bands. To add more spice to the look of the device, there are various clip and pendant options available as well.

Exceptional Charging Capacity

As for charging Cyano charges its battery through the wireless charging dock and it works fine with any wireless charger available on the market. The device comes also with impressive battery life lasting up to 10 hours while diving, as much as 48 hours as regular watch 15 days with standby mode. While you have several modes to run the watch, they can be changed at will with the accompanying Cyano mobile app.

The Buzz And Launch

Cyano as the first of its kind diver watch has already appeared at numerous shows and events across the world. The company turning to the Kickstarter fundraising platform has received huge applause and has done exceptionally well. The device is expected to be launched in May 2018 or earlier.

The Inspiration Behind Cyano

The ultimate inspiration behind Cyano is to create a smartwatch that addresses concerns of divers while being underwater. Cyano addressed all the typical concerns divers face while taking part in diving sport. Most divers know that clear and instantly recognizable bright interface is the most important thing that divers need while looking at a device. Being able to see the diving data even while navigating through the dark and shallow water is the most crucial requirement for diving computers. Cyano addresses this need perfectly well.

But what about sporting the watch in daily life? Is it a watch for only diving time? Obviously, a geeky looking device which you need to wear for technical reasons just as the mining headgear, cannot be a regular device to accompany you in all walks of life. Keeping this in mind Cyano has been developed as a stylish regular smartwatch as well. In fact, with a whole range of watch faces and replaceable straps, you can find it really appealing to sport with your party wear as well.

Final Verdict

Cyano can be best described as a sophisticated wearable diving computer that comes with a stylish look. While you can just find it great as one of the essential pieces of diving equipment, you can also grab it as an elegant watch with deep water waterproofing capacity.