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CaptoGlove: First Usable Virtual Reality Wearable Gaming Control

CaptoGlove First Usable Virtual Reality Wearable Gaming Control

Meet the world’s first wireless, wearable controller named CaptoGlove. It is a wearable virtual reality gaming motion controller able to transform human’s hand actions in digital inputs. CaptoGlove also possesses a great range of other applications.There range from health rehabilitation, unmanned systems control, smartphone interaction to professional training.

Uses smart sensors.

CaptoGlove was originally designed to help stroke victims recover the use of their hands. The device has been in the development stage for nearly five years. It made its public debut in January 2017 at the global technology conference CES. It delivers unparalleled precision for controlling video games, smartphones, virtual reality gear, drones, unmanned systems, smart home products and more. CaptoGlove does this by using a series of smart sensors. The glove was developed and designed in Italy by world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch.

Made its debut after 5 years.

CaptoGlove made its debut in public at the CES 2017 & Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). The device was showcased after 5 years of development. The reactions from the audience and live demos are available their YouTube channel. You can experience unmatched realism and performance by controlling any past, present and future video games. It can be done with your hands. Your hands are the most effective and natural interface ever made.

Platform/Device Agnostic.

CaptoGlove works with all past and current PC games. Also with iOS & Android devices, as well as VR headsets, and many more smart/Bluetooth devices. Gaming console, along with the haptic feedback support is currently under development.

Plug & Play.

CaptoGlove is connected via Bluetooth Low Energy. It does not require a specially prepared area or additional equipment such as trackers or cameras. It connects to devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) allowing for 8-10 hours of continuous gaming or use. It has really amazing control capabilities. It has a very short learning curve. It does this by converting natural hand movements into control gestures. The control gestures can go up to 20 per glove or 40 with a pari. You can customize the gestures through the free iOS/Android/PC app.

Versatile Applications.

CaptoGlove offers a wealth of potential uses beyond gaming from health rehabilitation and smart device control. It also helps in piloting drones and professional training such as police, first responders, pilots, doctors, etc. All thanks to its smart design and upcoming SDK release.


It was developed and designed in Italy by world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch. It is a comfortable glove. It is breathable as it is made from high quality textiles that can be washed by removing a single sensor. It delivers 10 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.

Setting Up CaptoGlove.

Engineered for simplicity, CaptoGlove comes with pre programed, customizable algorithms and a powerful GUI that makes setup simple and easy, in just a few basic steps:

  1. Install preferred software (PC, iOS, Android)
  2. Connect CaptoGlove via Bluetooth
  3. Import downloaded configuration profile, or create a custom one
  4. Run calibration
  5. Activate CaptoGlove with one-touch start/stop
  6. Take Control

Versatile Gaming Controller.

CaptoGlove makes use of natural hand movements as control gestures. That helps for a quick and easy learning curve. It is designed for versatility and immediate use. It does not require a special prepared area, or any additional hardware/software such as external cameras, specific games or costly gaming PCs.