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Blocks Modular Smartwatch – The Smart Custom Wearable!

Blocks Modular Smartwatch

One can say that the best attribute of a PC is that it can be custom-made for your needs. One can enhance graphics capabilities and even upgrade your video card. If you are running out of memory, you can install and upgrade that too.

Now, with the same idea applied to wearables, here is Blocks, a customized modular smartwatch that includes mix-and-match features.

The Revolution in the Making

Wearable devices are personal devices and with the ability to customise, they are bound to attract even more attention. The smartwatch technology is new and hence modularity brings a huge plus for sustainability.

Proposed modules for a customizable Blocks Modular Smartwatch include rectangular and circular touchscreen faces, inkfaces, microphone; motion sensors; gesture control; GPS; fingerprint scanner; camera; extra battery; NFC chip for contactless payments and even kinetic charging. Each of the modules will include removable covers and one can swap out modules on a regular basis.

The Crowdfunding Approach

Blocks entered a crowdfunding phase with Kickstarter and has met with unanimous praise and acclaim. With the smartwatches becoming the next area of smart technology, they are soon to enter the modular phase like all other tech products. One can now invest in different parts of a whole new device rather than sticking to one whole device itself. Modularity helps users to choose and upgrade their device parts on a consistent basis. Blocks Modular Smartwatch helps users to use blocks that snap together to create personal, unique smartwatches.

Modular Attributes of the Blocks Modular Smartwatch

  • LED Light
  • Fingerprint module
  • Kinetic Charger
  • Camera
  • ECG for checking heart rate
  • Flash Memory – expandable
  • Blood Oxygen Module
  • Skin Response module for checking perspiration rate and stress levels
  • Air Quality Module
  • Body Temperature Assessment module

The extra attributes that are open for the modular watch include extra battery, contactless payment module, GPS, gesture control, heart rate monitor, SIM card module, haptic module, and environment sensors.

The Benefits of having Modular Smartwatches

Wearable devices are personal gadgets and with the sustainability angle that modularity brings to the table, Blocks Modular Smartwatches makes its first foray of a customizable wearable. It includes a simple display, an efficient processor, a smart motion sensor and accurate temperature sensor blocks and connected with different combinations.

  • Sustainability and customisation are huge reasons for opting for a modular device, along with an open platform.
  • A blockstore, like an appstore, will help users to build blocks with awesome technology that will enhance and upgrade the power of the gadget as and when required.
  • Users have control in making the perfect device for themselves based on their budget.
  • Wearables are not just devices, but fashion pieces and hence each of the smartwatches can have removable covers that can match the attire or other accessories.
  • An open design store will allow users to pick and choose the customizable blocks based on their preferences.
  • Open hardware promotes open design and open-source technology
  • Different companies can pitch in fitness blocks, contactless payment blocks, and even include a sim card block for the smartwatch!

The Next Step

Over the past 8 months, the company has pitched their next prototype, and commenced the Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge. The event brought about $50,000 funding from Intel, and their latest processors to power the gadget too.

Blessed with a modular design and hardware of Blocks, the software side is currently being based on Samsung & Intel’s Tizen OS. The new software will also be supportive of Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The makers are working with the Phonebloks team too. The innovation is expected to reach limitless possibilities for a smart, modular future!