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BioRing – The Smartest Fitness Tracker that Fits your Finger!


Nutrition, sleep, and stress are all the vital components of living that need to be on a tracking list. To track these basics, one can use wellness trackers that are introduced in several markets. You can track your health goals and get a substantial amount of information to get your physique on the right track.

BioRing is the smartest fitness tracker that fits on your finger instead of your wrist. It has some salient features that keep track of how many steps you take and even checks the heart rate accurately. The ring records stress level and sleep status while monitoring activity intensity and calorie intake.

About BioRing

This BioRing is a game changer that will reshape the wearable world which is designed to be gender neutral. Bio ring contains several tiny sensors that measure not only caloric and fat intake but adds additional value to calculate distance and steps measurements. The ring has an onboard memory for a week’s work of statistics that can be communicated via iOS or Android app.

The body of the ring is waterproof, resistant to scratches and is designed to be worn nonstop in all seasons. The look of the ring is quite stylish which makes it very fashionable and most likely to be worn throughout the day.

Its Design and Attributes

This latest BioRing will make you forget the watch-like wearables as this is a more comfortable solution as far as wearables go, with impressive tracking capabilities. Keeping a small ring around your finger gives you more flexibility and can be used on any outfit and in any situation. It is a personal trainer at your fingertips.

If one is in health and fitness, then they really need a clear overview of their daily health metrics. There are a number of sensors to track an extensive set of metrics, beyond a 3-axis accelerometer that sends electrical pulses with high and low frequencies to measure fluid changes in your cells. BioRing is the first step in next generation of wellness technology all in a pocket size with a sleek design.

Why it’s Unique?

BioRing is the latest contender on monitoring your diet and when synced to the companion app, it claims to provide an impressive wealth of metrics.

It is unique than other trackers due to its bio-impedance sensor that has the key to unlock the measurement of glucose levels and water intake. On top of that, it also showcases all the details of stress levels that are difficult from wrist wearables.

With the help of companion app, you get a personalized and actionable recommendations for your health plans. The main difference with other fitness trackers is that it only measures your calorie burn while BioRing has the specialty to measure both your calorie burn and your calorie intake.

Who can use this BioRing?

People who are in need of losing weight wants to grow stronger, want to have a better sleep, reduce stress, wants to stay hydrated and have a healthy and active heart.

Compatible App

With this BioRing, you need an Android or iOS device to sync with the BioRing app as it collects the data for a holistic view of your health. It will have an open API where you will receive all the information you need from the highly advanced yet user-friendly app.


  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Optical heart rates monitor
  • Bio – impedance sensor
  • Vibration motor
  • Waterproof to 1 ATM (10 m)
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Battery: Lithium – Polymer 35mAh
  • Compatibility: iOS 8 and Android 4.4

Price & Availability

BioRing is available via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for $199 with estimated shipping date expected in November. And with every preorder, you will receive a BioRing of your color choice ranging from glossy black, white or blue, a charging station and a startup guide with the one-year warranty for the wearable.