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The Basslet – A Wearable Subwoofer to Hug Your Wrist

The Basslet

The reaction that most people give when asked about the sound quality of headphones is mainly the demand for more bass. Actually, ample bass can make a huge difference in the way certain types of music sounds to our ear. But most of the headphone manufacturers do it in a wrong way. They over-saturate the lower level frequencies in order to offer a similar bass sound comparable with a live program. Naturally, what we get is a bloated, less than perfect sound quality.

Well, to help your demands in the most innovative way, a new wearable accessory has come called Basslet. Grabbing your wrist it can offer a better bass quality without really affecting the music tracks running on. Basslet is basically a wearable subwoofer made and designed by Berlin-based LoFelt. This looks like a smartwatch, enhances the sound quality several times and is capable of emitting haptic feedback each time the music drops a beat.

Any great idea seldom fails to get an overwhelming response and so when Basslet in its Kickstarter campaign just becomes able to raise twice of the funds within just a day we are not surprised. Yes, this wearable subwoofer offering promise to give enhanced bass sound through your body is really a surprise product.

Look, Feel and Sound Features

This wrist-hugging accessory at first countenance looks like a smartwatch but within that small square space, there is a proprietary haptic feedback engine along with a rechargeable battery. Let’s have a look at various features of this wrist accessory.

  • The haptic engine inside the Basslet can recreate the entire bass frequency and allow you to turn it up or down as per your preference of the bass sound level.
  • Basslet offers a low-frequency (10-250Hz) subwoofer in its small wrist-hugging bracelet that can be worn just like a smartwatch.
  • It comes loaded with a sender that is capable of connecting your headphones with the audio playing device. It offers great ease in listening music on the go from your mobile device.
  • The sender in the device grabs the low-frequency signals and then connects with the bracelet and thus enhances the sound quality with the beat and the haptic feedback.

Music Listening Transformed with The Basslet

Though to our ears, it sounds like a gimmick actually the tests offered quite impressive results. In look and feel it is more like a smartwatch than a bracelet. It is a comfort wearable that does not grab too much attention. The pulse and vibration of the device to the beat of the music literally makes your body tickle with joy. It is kind of crazy idea to make your body feel the beat of the music but it just made it a superb. How Basslet can literally make you feel the beat of the music with your own body is a matter of wonder but there are few surprising facts about Basslet that surfaced recently.

  • Basslet was born in Berlin and to your surprise, the inspiration behind the device was not the so-called electronic beats, droning bass, and kick drums. According to Daniel Büttner, the mind behind this bass enhancing device was himself a bass player and it is his full-bodied relationship with music that helped in the concept of Basslet.
  • Unlike the live programs where we listen and feel the music through our whole body a passive listening through headphones often lacks that quality and Basslet is actually made to address this aspect.
  • With Basslet a lively, full-bodied music listening experience is guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

The journey of Basslet has really been long and involved many twists and turns until the final product was designed and launched for the Kickstarter campaign. Their campaign being launched on last month got an overwhelming response and in just 10 days it raised more than 280,000 euros ($310,000) against the target of 50,000 euros. So, this huge response and success is a clear indication of the breakthrough concept that it embodies.