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Virtuix Omni – The VR Motion Platform that Stands Apart from the Rest!

Virtuix Omni

Virtuix is one of the pioneers of virtual reality and the leader of active VR. They have recently launched Virtual Omni – a one of its kind motion platform that provides the user experience of moving freely and comfortably in virtual worlds. It is a path-breaking innovation to enable the VR experiences compatible with virtual reality headsets and content. It is also attractive and valuable in its contribution to revolutionize VR gaming and fitness applications. Virtuix Omni also has the ability to deliver immersive experiences and a strong adrenaline rush to consumers and this is just scratching the surface to the limitless possibilities that are inherent in its scope.

Virtuix Omni – The Next Phase of VR

The team of Virtuix believes that virtual reality is the next big phase in computer interaction and they have projected over 150 million VR head mouthed displays to be sold in 5 years.  Before finalizing the Omni design, they built 10 different prototypes and 12 patent applications that covered the product features. Players are supported on the treadmill via a back harness and a pair of shoes that is assessed by tracking software allowing players to “move” through the game.

Virtuix is also developing TRAVR, a first-person shooter game as well as three additional games designed specifically for the Omni. The platform can handle virtual reality applications that includes training and simulation, fitness, healthcare, architecture, virtual tourism, meet-ups and events.

Compatibility and Competition

  • Virtuix Omni is compatible with almost all PC-based and mobile head mounted displays available in the market.
  • Virtuix Omni was kickstarted by the VR treadmill which was getting attention with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • You can imagine that you’re moonwalking and every step does not feel in the real world which makes the effort on the treadmill at the gym even much more fun.
  • It is a platform to simulate the walking motion, that are compatible with special shoes that reduce friction.
  • One can turn in all directions, and the harness allows to quickly change orientation without falling down or out of the Omni.
  • The device uses inertial sensors to track a person’s position, the length of their stride, and how fast they are moving.
  • This information is then sent to a computer which translates the data into game movements.
  • The Virtuix Omni connects via USB or Bluetooth to a computer and presents itself as a standard input device.
  • For all its high-tech looks, that is basically slipping around on a smooth surface with low-friction shoes.
  • And most importantly, it’s the shoes that are tracking every motion.
  • It’s strictly a walking peripheral that can make users make simple but steady improvements in health or even transform into a gamer of the future: faster and leaner.

Robustness of Build and Demand

Surely, the PCs will treat the Virtuix Omni like it’s a regular analog controller. The Omni’s robust support ring and harness provides maximum safety by preventing the player from falling or slipping. Although the surface and shoes are not coated, but they have used a solid low-friction material to keep it long lasting. Therefore, there is minimal surface wear and tear.

The demand for these products have grown tremendously and more and more gamers and technology advocates are part of the bandwagon. Many of the customers are dedicated hardcore gamers. The Virtuix team is banking on the advocates as its easy storage and support assembly can be expected soon at different points in time.

The first Kickstarter units are expected to ship in March while its delivery can be expected within the first quarter of 2016 itself.