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Oculus Go: The VR Headgear That You Can Actually Buy

Oculus Go

Virtual reality may not be all hype, but it is still not mainstream in the way many other technologies are. In spite of being one of the promising technologies with immense possibilities as of now, it has been limited to a market niche. Virtual reality gears being expensive gadgets remained mostly out of reach for most users. Finally, to make virtual reality more mainstream and adorable for the wider audience Oculus Go has arrived.

No, it is not another VR headgear just adding to the gadgets made for a high niche market. It looks for the first time like a VR headgear that one can aspire to buy. It comes without any wire and it is exceptionally easy to use. Costing you just $200, it is capable to work with multiple devices and platforms including iPhone, Android, MacBook and Windows PCs. The best thing is, it is not only a game playing gear, but it can equally offer nice chill-out option. You can just watch a TV program together with a friend who is located in a different city.

It is through and through independent and standalone

One of the best thing about Oculus Go is that it works independently without the aid of specific devices and platforms. The Oculus Go unlike most other VR headsets including its predecessor Oculus Rift works with all types of devices and platforms and do not prevent you enjoying contents on devices across makes and platforms. It just takes as low as 5 minutes of time to set it up and thereafter Oculus Go accesses all the contents via Wi-fi.

You can also operate the new Oculus Go just with remote control. The remote control which is very intuitive in its controlling mechanism further makes the headset more enjoyable. It works just without requiring too much instruction and that is one of the best things about this new Oculus offering.

Designed and built for more immersive experience

When it comes to design the headset came with a few subtle design enhancements. Unlike with other headsets you do not need to be bothered about the strap fixing the headgear on your head. If the top strap is messing up your hair you can just remove it. In parts where the strap is touching your face, there is soft fabric to make you feel comfortable. Yes, you can literally find yourself sleeping at times wearing it.

The speakers of the Oculus Go are built inside a particular part of the strap that remains close to your ears but just does not cover the ear cup. This allows delivering a beautiful effect with surround sound pouring in. The screens are bigger with more dense pixel count. Altogether, it offers a more immersive virtual experience of seeing the world through a lively screen. The new headset also comes with several carefully designed apps that add to the VR experience further. You can watch TV with someone remote or with someone sitting beside you.

It is a chill-out headgear as well

The main appeal of most headgear is obviously for the gameplay experience that they offer. In that case, you have an array of immersive gaming apps. But that is not all. The Oculus Go also allows you streaming all regular chill-out apps including the Hulu, Netflix and obviously, YouTube.

As for having a movie watching experience, it offers really robust viewing. Yes, you can really feel to watch a movie in theatre while playing a movie on Oculus Go. The new device allows you buying latest Hollywood movies and downloading them in case you want to watch it when you are in flight. This is obviously a real standout option to make this a really good chill-out headgear.

Battery power

When it is about battery capacity, there are a lot of scopes for improvement. The battery with a single charge can last for 2 full hours of movie playing and nearly one and a half hour of gameplay. Obviously, this is not enough for a long flight or on-the-go virtual experience.

It allows you remain in touch with surroundings

Unlike the common perception of many VR experience needs not to become an unsocial experience. Oculus Go offers an app called Oculus Rooms which helps you watching TV shows and movies with friends together. The same app also allows you to play some simple games together with friends. Within this virtual room, you can be presented by your own avatar and can use your own voice for dictating.


Oculus Go has arrived as the most advanced virtual reality headgear to push the boundary that divides the on-screen reality with the world outside. Costing less than even an iPad, it is also the most inexpensive offering with a lot of promises savour an immersive virtual experience, whether alone or with friends.