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Live Planet VR Camera for Producing VR Video

Live Planet VR Camera

The latest device from Reality Lab Networks is a 360-degree camera that has the ability to live stream in 4k. It is a live streaming VR camera and video distribution service called Live Planet.  It has an amazing stereoscopic virtual reality video of the highest quality that can be used in every headset.

While we all know that creating 360–degree video can be a time-consuming task, therefore, this system of VR is intended to be an end-to-end solution for 360 video streaming, as it has a well-built camera with 16 Full HD lenses and a proprietary cloud-based software.

You can stream 4K-per-eye, 4096 x 4096 video at 30 fps, with its insides powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU.  You also get a vertical rolling shutter that has a view of 360 x 180 degrees.

How to use?

Live Planet VR Camera consists of a camera, cloud-based platform, and software. It is an all-in-one system that stitches and encodes footage in real-time within the unit itself. Then, it is sent to the cloud, which does the transcoding for various platforms including Oculus, Gear VR and Facebook 360.

Build & Design

The company has designed this device to make it quick and easy to create videos and then distribute to external post-production and emerging VR platforms. The hardware falls into this mid-range and is made up of 16 lenses with synchronized sensors that stream 60 frames per second when recording onboard. This camera uses sixteen DSL217C lenses, that creates a fully spherical field of view without the need for a separate lens.

It is a compact camera with 3D 360 camera rigs, that has 4 inches’ length and 3.5 inches’ height, and 1.5 lbs. weight. The connectivity options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI and SDI output and this prototype model will weigh 1.5 pounds at its launch.

Special Features of Live Planet

  • Live Planet VR Camera sports HD-SDI and HDMI outputs.
  • It has two USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet connection.
  • One can record sessions directly to the 512 GB internal storage.
  • It supports HLS and MPEG-DASH output protocols.
  • It can live stream at 4k at 30 with 3D 360 stills at 67 megapixels.
  • The lenses are offset by 3 lenses this creates a greater IPD for greater 3D effect.
  • It works through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Sports and many music concerts are also well-suited to live VR and with the DVR-like rewind feature, the platform makes sure that you don’t miss anything.
  • The Live Planet VR Camera can also stream into traditional video formats from different angles with a multi-cam shoot from one camera.

Tech Specifications

  • Image Processor (GPU) Nvidia Tegra X1
  • Internal Storage – 512 GB
  • Vertical Rolling Shutter
  • Uniform Pixel Blending
  • Input USB 3.0 x2 with Analog Audio
  • Outputs HD-SDI and HDMI

Price & Availability

The Live Planet VR Camera system will have an MRP of $9,995, while one can get a reasonable price from the Pre-orders, that will start from $4,995 for the first 500 units and is expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2016. For the introductory price customers interested in a purchase should visit the company’s website.


The ultimate goal of Reality Lab Networks is to get the video into the cloud. With this, it will be simple and easy for everybody to reach their audience. As VR will be a huge business soon, this company intends to further experiment with this technology in its immediate venture to evolve this genre.