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HP’s New Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC Is Coming Soon, Not For Gaming

Nvidia-Powered Backpack VR PC

There is newcomer in the most curious PC niche, which is the backpack computer. This new computer is by HP. Two months ago, HP introduced a backpack PC for virtual reality. Now it is introducing another one. But the new one isn’t meant for gamers. It is a product of the virtual reality computing wave. The backpack PC is power packed. It provides power needed to drive high-quality VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It comes with a form factor that allows the user to roam about untethered. The new HP Z VR Backpack is a bit different from the rest of the field. This is because it’s designed specifically as a workstation.

A Workstation PC For All Businesses.

The new Backpack PC by HP is a workstation PC for all kinds of businesses. It could be used for theme parks, automative showrooms, real estate agencies. Actually, the PC is suitable for anything else that might have a use for virtual reality. It’s designed to give them high-end performance. So when customers are shown virtual reality demos of something they might be interested in, they don’t get distracted by bad graphics and stuttering frame rates.

More Powerful Than HP’s Gaming Backpack.

This means the Z VR Backpack is even more powerful than HP’s gaming backpack, the Omen X Compact Desktop. Both the PCs use Intel’s Core i7 processors. But the Z VR Backpack has an Nvidia Quadro P5200 GPU. While the Omen has the GTX 1080. According to HP, the Quadro card it offers includes twice the frame buffer of the 1080. The backpack will also be configurable with up to 32GB of RAM.

Build For Business.

This is the first PC on the market to feature the powerful NVIDIA Quadro P5200 GPU with 16 GB of memory. It comes with the latest 7th generation CPU design from Intel, so that nothing slows you down. It is built for business and optimized for standard VR engines and industry-leading software providers.

Miracast Connectivity.

The dock lets you quickly transition back and forth between high-powered desktop for virtual reality content design and wearable VR PC for validating your creations. It supports for two 4K displays and a broad range of IO connectivity options. It has Miracast connectivity for viewing the virtual world on an external display.

Loaded With Ports.

The top of the system has 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMA 2.0 port, Mini-DP 1.3 port, audio combo jack, and an HMD power jack. On the side of the PC, there are 2 additional USB 3.0 ports and a 330W AC adapter power port. Avoid interruptions to your VR experience due to unwieldy power cords or dead batteries. Use the dual-battery system to swap power cells on the fly.

Shipping In September.

HP is planning to start shipping the Z VR in September. It comes with a starting price of $3,299 and additional options available for additional cost. It’s also getting a companion dock that allows you to use it more like a traditional desktop. It can be done at times when you don’t need to be roaming around immersed in virtual environments.