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Google Daydream View – A Revolution in Virtual Reality

Google Daydream View

Virtual Reality is an interesting way of creating an illusion of presence in an environment that isn’t really there. Attempts have been made to translate these high-end virtual reality technologies to the consumer space before. Virtual Reality is said to be the next big consumer technology revolution. Shots to make virtual reality more successful are constantly going on. Recently, Google announced its new headset- Daydream View, which will help you explore new worlds.

What is Daydream?

Daydream is Google’s latest attempt at bringing virtual reality to mobile devices. Daydream is a well made and durable device, unlike Google’s previous VR headset. Daydream focuses on providing higher-quality experience to Android Nougat users. Daydream will take you on incredible adventures in virtual reality.

Cozy Design

The Daydream View is a headset that is easy to wear and made with lightweight fabric. The Daydream View is made with soft, breathable fabric to help you feel comfortable. It is paired with a controller that is easy to use. The facepad in Daydream View sits gently on the face and is also removable for you to wash it whenever you like. It has a latch on the front to slide your phone in. The controller is simple and intuitive with smart sensors that provide smooth tracking and movement and an adjustable volume button.

What Can Daydream do?

Daydream is designed to solve the fragmentation of virtual reality content. It plans to house the content from all VR developers, big or small. Google’s Daydream will run apps and games downloaded from the Play Store. By the end of 2016, Google plans to make more than 50 apps and games available on the platform. Netflix, HBO, and Hulu will be having Daydream ready apps in a few months. Also, The New York Times will launch an app for its VR videos.


The performance of Daydream View basically depends on the power of the phone that’s inside. To be able to experience VR in Daydream, you need good smartphones that are specifically built for Daydream View. The Daydream team has worked closely with the Android team to make Android Nougat as VR-friendly as possible. It has been suggested that Daydream will provide better performance than the Gear VR.

Compatible Phones with Daydream

By far, Pixel is the first smartphone that is compatible with Daydream View. Pixel is available in two versions: 5-inch screen and 5.5-inch screen, and both work well with the Daydream View. Daydream ready phones are built for VR. They are powered by the new Android 7.0 Nougat.

Compatible Apps with it

The app partners that are going to make their apps compatible with Daydream include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, IMAX. CNN, MLB, NBA, USA Today, and Lionsgate have also signed for the same. While the gaming partners are: Unity, Epic, Ubisoft, CCP, Electronic Arts, Otherside Entertainment, Minority VR, Turbo Button, nDreams and Climax Entertainment.

Price & Release Date

The Daydream View is priced at $79, which is less than Gear VR which costs $99. This makes Daydream View even more alluring. While Gear VR required separate purchase of controller, Daydream View comes with its remote in the same package. Daydream View is coming out in November 2016. In the U.S., the headset will be available at the Google Store and through Verizon and Best Buy stores. While in U.K., you can find it at EE and Carphone Warehouse, priced at £69.


Daydream is an impressive device with a sturdy hardware, comfortable design, and a lot of great ideas at a really cheap price. Daydream is set to change the way you look at virtual reality.