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Alcatel VR Headset – A Standalone VR Headset that Defines the New World!

Alcatel VR Headset

At IFA last week, Alcatel has officially announced its entry into the VR headset business and has taken this VR world on the storm by taking a step further in announcing a standalone VR headset named Vision. This new VR Headset works without a smartphone and includes an eight-core processor, 32 GB storage, 3GB of RAM along with Bluetooth and LTE connectivity.

While we can see that the Samsung Gear VR requires a mobile phone to operate similarly, the HTC Vive is designed to work with a computer, Vision is somewhat special and independent on its own.

Alcatel’s newly announced Vision is still something of a rarity in the VR world. It faces stiff competition from the likes of Gear VR as well as upcoming Daydream-compatible phones. As per the news, Alcatel is reportedly developing its own SDK and is partnering with companies to bring games and content to the headsets.

About its Design

Alcatel’s VR Headset Vision opts for an over-the-head bracket design rather than a strap, which fits your unique head shape perfectly. It has two 3.8-inch AMOLED screens that offer great colors and vivid imagery.

On the front of VR is a set of goggles, and there is a 3000mAh battery, which is hidden in the bracket that leans on the back of your head, the capacity will last for around three hours of usage between charges. On the right temple of the VR, there is a touchpad, while the power key lies on top of the VR. The company has even installed a headset jack to which you can attach your favorite pair of headphones.

Alcatel VR Headset will come with a number of bundled games and apps including Magic Interactive Entertainment’s BattleBlock, a specially designed combat game, therefore, Vision looks more like a kind of fighter helmet rather than a VR headset.

Working Pattern

The working of Vision Headset is basically wireless, a tech that relies on a predictable, consistently high level of performance. Alcatel works with a number of third party partners which consists of video production house Jaunt VR, Magic Interactive Entertainment a game publisher and an audio firm named Fraunhofer. It’s an Android Marshmallow-powered device with a Wi-Fi, accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor.

Unique Features of Alcatel VR Headset

  • The headset is packed with the best of sensors including an accelerometer and proximity sensor.
  • The Headset can be worn comfortably for 2-3 hours, with or without glasses.
  • The 3,000 mAH battery is located on a pad that comfortably fits around the back of the head.
  • The materials of the VR Headset are made up of plastic casing to the foam head cushion, that is hardly premium.
  • Other than this it has an octa-core CPU.
  • 32GB of storage with 3GB of RAM.
  • Bluetooth.

Price & Availability

Alcatel VR Headset will be available first in China in the last quarter of 2016 and then it is expected to land in the US in early 2017. It will go on sale in the €499-599 range with 100 VR-ready videos and with some 50 games.


Alcatel will also launch a payment system that will enable users to purchase apps and a Unity-based SDK that will be released soon. Additionally, this Vision VR headset will work with any 360-degree YouTube and Facebook videos. So if you fancy a VR headset without the constraints of a phone or a PC, then Vision is the right choice for you to try out. Those who want to use VR without having to buy a new phone, then Alcatel Vision will definitely appeal to you.