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Alcatel 360-Degree Pocket-friendly VR Camera is a Game Changer

Alcatel 360-Degree Camera

Alcatel is the first mobile phone brand to put VR in the box. We can see Alcatel’s commitment to mobile VR and the 360-degree camera industry, therefore, it is trying to bring the latest technology at affordable prices. Virtual reality is still a relatively new field and companies are not afraid to jump in and explore it.

Alcatel is known for its strides to deliver satisfactory mobile equipment. Alcatel unveiled its own take on the 360-degree camera named Alcatel 360. The new 360-degree cameras from Alcatel are for those who believe that technology can change the world. The device offers superb immersive experience in comfort and style.

It is a compact pocket-friendly, lightweight plug and play 360-degree camera that helps to instantly create, share and enjoy 360° photos and video on one’s smartphones.

What is Alcatel 360?

Alcatel 360 is an immersive 360-degree stereo video experience that adapts real-time sound to correspondent perfectly with what’s being seen while looking around.

You can actually carry this camera with without any worry of charging. If there is any need for charging then you just have to plug it into your phone via a micro-USB cable, and you’re good to go.

Intricate Design

The Alcatel 360 Degree camera device comes in two models – a square shaped flat one and a spherical one. Both the models are equipped with a 210-degree fisheye lens and they are quite light and easy to carry anywhere for doing the 360-degree shooting.

Working Pattern

As Alcatel has partnered with four new camera makers we would get to see some more interesting and diverse features such as shockproof outdoor, always-on indoor and even enterprise-grade in this 360 Degree camera.

There is no battery or storage slot to save footage on as it is done by smartphone directly via a microUSB dongle, which sticks out of the camera. This compact device allows users to capture then preview and share on the smartphones instantly.  It works with its own app, therefore it needs to be installed on the smartphone, and also in the nearest future company is working on expanding compatibility to other Android devices.

Unique Features

  • Alcatel 360 Degree Camera features an octa-core 2.1GHz Mediatek processor and Android 6.0.
  • It supports 2K video at 30 frames per second.
  • Alcatel’s variant does not have a battery or supports Bluetooth.
  • The camera will come in two form factors the first will be a round one and a square variant.
  • It will be featuring dual 210-degree fisheye lenses.
  • The camera will be able to shoot at 3840×1920 dimensions @ 30fps with stereo sound.
  • For storage, it will have 128GB removable microSD card that can be paired with your smartphone.
  • Images captured from the two cameras will be automatically stored in the standalone mobile app.

Price & Availability

360 Degree cameras are costly devices only a professional can afford to use it. But if someone wants to use into VR film, then Alcatel 360 Camera is a better choice. Its price isn’t official yet but it is expected to cost somewhere around €100 on release. The Alcatel 360 might kick the price down since it includes lenses with a MicroUSB port on the bottom.
The product will arrive in China in the last quarter of 2016 and should hit the U.S. early next year. As per the updates, they won’t include accessories such as the tripod, as they will be sold separately.


Alcatel the brand is staying true to its own vision and has made a long-term commitment to VR. It is the only company that delivers users a true 360-degree experience with live streaming and 24/7 viewing and recording and hopes it will accomplish great things in the future too.