Virtual Reality Game Development Company

VR (Virtual Reality) offers immersive 3D experience as it allows one to interact with the environment during a game. It heightens one’s awareness & renders 1st person perspective gaming while influencing decision making in a fun & interactive way. VR gaming industry is on a steady rise, with 25-27% of growth recorded every year, VR apps have skyrocketed & there is no doubt that this platform is the future of gaming. VR games are accessible on standalone systems, PC’s, laptops & mobile.

At Nimblechapps, gaming is our forte!

As a progressive virtual reality game development company, we blend game technologies with stunning visualization techniques to deliver an immersive VR product. We house the latest VR technology that drives us to render immersive gaming experience. Whether it's a $20 or $2000 VR device, we craft apps that engage with users on every front.

Virtual Reality Game Development Services

At Nimblechapps, we deliver games that are compatible across smartphones, laptops, PC’s, standalone systems & game consoles. Our quality control process is designed to match platforms & optimize performance across the segment.

We create high-resolution virtual games with 360 degrees of panoramic content. Work extensively on motion capture, face tracking & binaural audio to bring alive 2D models.

We develop games for HTC vive, Oculus rift, Steam VR & Samsung Gear & follow the industry's best practices.

Our custom virtual reality game development services cover a wide array of gaming genres such as

  • 1st person shooter
  • RPG
  • Action
  • Racing
  • Real-time strategy
  • Puzzle
  • Arcade

Future of Virtual Reality Game Applications

VR games have altered the way we experience the environment. Its application in the real world compels one to stay physically active & would provide a great tool for learning in education, healthcare, engineering & business.

In gaming, blending reality with the artificial environment turns living rooms into crime scenes, battlegrounds and sporting arenas. As little as a simple hand gesture moves the body and is definitely a better alternative than slacking around on one’s couch. VR is a great tool for exercising one’s memory too. Games that assist in recalling and retention abilities are getting popular among users.

Our VR game development solutions are built on every little detail of your business requirements. We render cutting edge UI/UX designs for your VR apps. Our in-house team is well versed with the Unity engine, WebAR-ThreeJS, Adobe Suite, Coral Cocos2d, Autodesk C++, C# & Illustrator. Hire VR game developers for your next immersive VR game.

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