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Nimblechapps is a comprehensive full-stack mobile app and game development company that designs mobile innovation in more ways than one.

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    Custom Apps, Delivered to Your Needs!

    Our enterprise level mobile app development approach is distinctive on many counts. While an enthralling user experience is always our top priority, we equate a rich, uncluttered app with minimal navigation paths to be our core strength. Integrating the app with your existing systems is something that we love to do, and an actual USP for our engineers. Hassle-free enterprise app development is what we promise and what you get, always. Hire our top rated developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    Stringent Security Measures

    Since we are concerned with comprehensive mobile app management, BYOD solutions, M2M communications and the like, we believe security to be the most effort-intensive area, on which we focus on energies. Our adroit security and safety analysts are geared to identify challenges, serve enterprises with a seamless connectivity plan, and an efficient repository and backup of critical data for the smooth sailing of business operations.

    Efficient Project Delivery

    Since we develop mobile apps for every sphere, we make sure that our custom web solutions have mobile counterparts, adhering to responsive design standards. With a clear mobile strategy for identifying any lag in current systems and the role of enterprise mobile app for integrating with available resources, Nimblechapps devises adroit solutions, specific to a timeline and budgetary constraints. We hire the best engineers and app developers to work on the projects, as they bring their innovative bent of creativity to develop secure and connected mobile apps.

    Accelerated Go-To-Market Strategy

    Our custom-built app templates can get your enterprise a head start into smart mobility. We deliver exceptional experiences with our customizations while delivering an accelerated go-to-market strategy that matches your intended audience. Additionally, our pace of development never compromises on quality measures and mobile architecture practices in any way. Maximizing benefits you receive from your app with our timely delivery schedule too.

    Now you are that bold entrepreneur, who had the guts to shut down naysayers and proceed ahead with your brainwave or idea. Our mobile app development process for startups respects and then reflects on your app idea with detail, highlighting all the obstacles that can round up. We, at Nimblechapps, are free-spirited but possess a keen sense of realizing ideas that are not limited to the purview of the app scope but much beyond. Getting your precious app idea to the platform’s app store, successfully is what we do for a living, and we do it better than everyone else! Hire our top rated developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    Ideation to Implementation

    We understand your app requirement and add the necessary details to deliver the experience as a prototype or an MVP to match your vision. As we enjoy a bulk of startup clientele, we are well versed with the bumps and obstacles that startups go through. Our apps for startups particularly reflect on the brand and identity of the startup, adding dynamism to the design and also in its overall user interface. Our development approach and testing phases work hand in hand, for quick and efficient delivery.

    Systematic Process

    From conceptualization to the actual deployment, Nimblechapps has multiple experts involved in every aspect including visualization, prototyping, designing, app development, app testing, deployment, maintenance and support. Bringing each engagement to the fore, we are flexible in allocating our resources for your needs, and even put in more effort so that you meet deadlines easily.

    Commitment to Excellence

    Startups usually have a huge number of ideas for apps but to glean the details, and ideate for a relevant app for your organization, is our job. We do it perfectly because we are excellent in offering and realizing ideas promptly. Our attachment to quality and precision is too strong, and our development approach has matured over the years too.

    Check out our apps for startups, and introduce yourself, posting your own requirement of an app. We will keep you posted on Upwork, as feasible to you.

    With eminent clientele and diverse experience in multiple domains and industries, Nimblechapps brings innovation to your app development platter. Your ideas are essentially churned with our technical prowess and garnished with imagination to provide the definitive delectable dish that you would love to serve to your intended audience. We present uncommon business solutions for uncommon problems, without losing sight of the rich user experience that we intend to provide, every time. Our recent custom mobile applications are a testimony to our brilliance that we bring to the table. Hire our top rated developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    Thorough Requirement Analysis

    Our team of analysts is extremely adroit in assessing client requirements and can outline the necessities of a project in a short span of time. Nimblechapps keeps its team on a tight schedule with time-bound processes, although major checks are in place to ensure optimal quality standards.

    Unique Propositions and Engagements

    We devise a huge set of solutions for your problem in question, without stumbling into mediocrity. Our excellent set of solutions and propositions always make sure that clients are satisfied in any way possible, since we keep our team flexible enough with engagement models, timings and availability. For most individuals and professionals, our tailored set of web and mobile apps with the brand design is the icing on the cake!

    Diverse, Yet Optimal Solutions

    Nimblechapps makes sure that while attending to the needs of diverse segments, companies and industries, seldom one requires solutions that are based on templates. But we make sure that the solutions are tailored and custom-offered to the professionals, forging a worthwhile partnership in the interim, too. Despite the nature of solutions for different companies is diverse, our resources are optimally allocated to the maximum level of performance and creativity too.

    Delivering Innovation in Solutions, One app at a Time!

    Our mobile apps fulfill the needs of our clients or just simplify one of the non-core tasks of your business. With apps belonging to multiple domains, and varying complexities, our development tasks are cut out for us. With a systematic analysis at the start of the basic requirements of the app, we devise a plan and strive to develop the app within the stipulated time frame. Our cross-platform expertise along with native platform expertise brings the best of out of all platforms, as we strive to introduce multiple apps for each of them. Hire our top rated mobile app developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    Requirement Analysis

    With a hawk eye view as well as a microscopic eye on detail, we assess and analyze the ideation of the app effectively.

    UI/UX Design

    Our adroit designers are known to deliver a brilliant user experience that does ample justice to our clients

    Mobile Testing

    We ensure that apps are tested with appropriate test cases, and are great in performance even when subjected to high load times.

    App Customizations

    We address unique app development needs with the help of experts, who contribute in app customizations.

    Code Mentoring or Architecture Reviews

    With a systematic code-mentoring program involving the experts themselves, use your experience and expertise to give in your practices in the industry.

    Nimblechapps has a soft corner for developing mobile games, since most are gamers themselves! Since, we understand the thrills and frills associated with a gaming screenplay and are also quite well versed for making one, we bring innovation to the table, better than most. Most developers in our team are keen on using Unity, and even furnish assets and previews competently. We are always geared up to deliver the best in terms of meshes, textures, and overall structure of the games, as we leverage the finest attributes of Maya, 3D Max, and other software, as required. Hire our top rated mobile game developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    HTML 5 Game Development

    Nimblechapps offers competent HTML5-based game development services for virtually any platform and device. Most companies choose HTML5 since it wraps native code within itself that is perfect for store distribution, encourages reduced efforts in development and sports a wide audience reach too. HTML5 games can also be updated any time irrespective of users. Also, they are shareable through simple links while the developers can always adjust pages with multiple ads to promote new content easily.

    2D & 3D Game Development

    With years of experience in mobile game development, Nimblechapps has the ability to bring several gaming ideas in 2D and 3D.

    • We are keen to develop games in multiple dimensions right from the conceptualization to the actual launch.
    • Our team of gaming developers is quite interested in leveraging the smartphone hardware functionalities including that of the camera, its accelerometer, gyrometer and even the GPS – do devise gaming concepts that guarantee a stupendous experience.
    • Building the world in 3D is something that we perform collectively as each object, element and character is brought to life in three dimensions, based on some gripping storyboards that one has every known.
    • We are particularly adept in developing RPGs, arcade games, adventure games, simulations, and even tricky puzzle games that can be enjoyed on diverse smartphones, tablets and platforms.

    Nimblechapps provides website solutions to the trickiest of problems that affect companies and entrepreneurs alike. Devising the right solution for meeting the requirements and address the problem is our strong suit. By developing website applications that stand the test of time and technology, we make sure that the basic aspects are in place – simple navigation, uncluttered interface, high usability, and great performance. Hire our top rated web developers on Upwork @ $20 an hour!

    Website Design

    Establish your online identity in the best avatar with a systematic and aesthetic version of a website, that is inspired by your vision
    Format Conversion Services
    Convert multiple format files into different format files including PSD into HTML for their constant usage and implementation

    Website Development

    Enjoy comprehensive web application development solutions with our tailored branding solutions. Our websites function as ideal identities for your online offerings and real-world reputation too

    WordPress Development

    By blending varied templates, designs and multiple add-ons for setting up your site, our WordPress solutions leverage package features, to showcase your credibility effectively.

    Magento Development

    With an impeccable sense of developing uncluttered e-stores, our solutions make the best use of the platform while keeping ecommerce seamless and streamlined in every way.

    Our website services will always be true to your offerings, that is our solemn promise! Send us your requirements in a jiffy without any delay and get a prompt quote from us, today!

    What Our Clients are Saying

    Dont just take our word

    Magnus Magnusson

    Owner ThemeWatch

    Working with Nimblechapps has been a pleasure throughout and the new smartwatch app, ThemeWatch, is an important step for us. I hope and expect to continue working with them in the future and a new smartwatch project will begin very soon.

    Bob Genesse

    Bob Genesse

    Owner – Minigolf Carmansó Scorecard

    Nimblechaps was very helpful in developping from scratch an app to use as a scoresheet for our minigolf. I experienced Nimblechaps as very professional and they delivered the app on time and for a very competitive price.