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Top 5 Predictions for Apple’s Announcements at WWDC 2015

WWDC 2015

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference always includes announcements on their new launches related to the Mac and the iPhones. But this year in WWDC 2015, people are convinced that the rumours are indeed true since most reports indicate a new streaming music service, a revamped Apple TV, and some fantastic new iOS features.

And now since Apple Watch is here, we might see some additions to it. May be there will be some interesting native, third-party Watch apps ready.

The WWDC 2015 event will be held on June 8th at 10AM PT at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Here are the five most important announcements expected at WWDC 2015 from Apple

  1. Beats Streaming Service

Apple bought Beats Electronics for a staggering $3 billion last year, which raised eyebrows of everyone in the tech industry. Apple is expected to announce a music streaming service which is touted to be game-changing just as the iPod created flutters in early 2000s.

Analysts have been gung-ho about the overhauled Beats Music and it is expected to be part of a $10-a-month on-demand streaming service which would also include free, ad-supported radio stations promoted and curated by music celebrities. In comparison, about 15 million pay for Spotify’s streaming service, but Apple presently has more than 110 million iTunes customers who might get converted into streaming subscribers, since Apple is the only company that can change the nature of industry.

  1. iOS 9 at WWDC 2015

Even though not many would expect to see a dramatic overhaul in iOS 9, Apple has always managed to surprise with something. Though analysts are not aware about the next major update, it is expected in various circles that the focus will be on optimization and stability rather than any look and feel changes. Most of the changes will be standard fare for Apple OS updates. Developers will be able to use the operating system before the users, and much before the new iPhone hits the markets after September, this year.

  1. Mac OS X 10.11

Mac OS X Yosemite which arrived last October has introduced a new look and feel to the entire operating system and even amped up many features. Apple might announce the impending upgrade, wherein a demo will be presented and developers will be allowed to experiment with it since then. The OS X upgrade is expected to keep pace with iOS for an intertwined experience.

Additionally, I think that we might see more Continuity features, that even might allow the Mac to be unlocked through the iPhone. There might be small tweaks and feature enhancements too. Again, Apple will name the next OS based on a new US landmark like earlier.

  1. HomeKit Updates at WWDC 2015

HomeKit that is used for integrating smart home products into iOS, is expected to bear new fruits of labor from developers. HomeKit’s launch was expected to be delayed but Apple is working tirelessly to bring HomeKit accessories to market. It is expected that a portion of its WWDC keynote is sure to focus on the new home automation tools that is expected to be controlled by iOS devices as many people will be interested in the future possibilities.

  1. Apple TV Service Revamp at WWDC 2015

A new Apple television streaming service is being discussed in circles since many months now. The new service is expected to cover 25 channels, like ABC and might be priced at $30 and $40 per month. Apple’s recently partnered with HBO thus allowing the iOS users to stream HBO’s shows through Apple TV for $15 a month.

Apple is expected to boost the service to all its devices, so that users can stream TV shows from any Apple device. Some analysts believe that the Apple TV announcements might be postponed too as Apple is still in talks with different broadcasters too.