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The Top Five Wireless Speakers Available Under $100

Wireless Speaker - JBL Clip

Wireless speakers are a craze nowadays and extremely pricey too! The best companies in sound design have always boasted of brilliance but most of the market relies on affordable speakers for their music. Here are the top five wireless speakers that do not pinch your pocket as much as the others.

JBL Clip Wireless Speaker

The JBL Clip is an ultra-light, ultra-rugged, portable speaker. This box gives 5 hours of battery power which is good enough to listen to music on the go. It includes a 3.5 mm integrated audio cable, and fit for plug-n-play for Smartphones, iPods, or any tablet. The JBL Clip also offers swift Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless connection, so that you can stream your playlists freely

JBL is taking things up a notch with its Micro Series with the Clip’s 1.5” driver that has a fine balance of clarity, loudness and bass performance. It also comes up with a carabineer hook to let you hang it anywhere, on your clothes, belt, bag, or even in the pocket. If you are an audio perfectionist, you’d like to carry a JBL Clip with you.

JBL Flip 2 Wireless Speaker

JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2 is an award-winning wireless speaker that features rich sound for your wireless phones and mobile gadgets. The device uses two drivers and a built-in bass port that dynamically adds considerable depth and experience for the avid music lover.

The Flip 2 also includes a built-in microphone. It also includes technologies based on SoundClear® echo and noise cancellation so that it functions as a hands-free speakerphone. The JBL Flip 2 is a portable, rechargeable battery-powered speaker which gets you to be the source of the party anywhere and everywhere. Philips has also launched a similar design wireless speaker before few months; they have named it SHOQBOX. Although its a very nice waterproof speaker, it didn’t make it to the list of top five wireless speakers this week. As, its pricy and costs £140.

Philips Soundshooter Wireless Speaker

Philips Soundshooter

This is one wireless portable speaker from the house of Philips that looks like a grenade and sounds like one! Philips Sound Shooter shoots wireless music via Bluetooth, and includes a rechargeable battery along with a built-in microphone. With the carabiner tucked in, you can just the speaker clip onto your belt or bag too.

Play music out loud and enjoy your personal music without the need for hassle-rich power cords and enjoy up to 8 hours music playback on a single charge. With easy wireless connection to Bluetooth devices, one can play music from any smartphones, or a mobile gadget. This Philips speaker comes with one efficient cable which can be used for both battery charging & music playback. When a call comes in, the music gets paused and the speaker gets you to speak through it too.

Logitech UE Mini Boom Wireless Speaker

Logitech UE Mini Boom

Logitech UE Mini Boom acts as a fantastic compact Bluetooth speaker which includes a built-in rechargeable battery, in-built speakerphone capabilities, line input, and rugged design. It can even be combined with another Mini boom speaker to create a loud and clear stereo pair. It is better than UE Mobile Boombox although there are very few improvements. The Mini Boom’s bass is better too.

The gadget might not stand out from the competition but in the price range of $60-$100 range for Bluetooth speakers, the UE Mini Boom is a good choice to go with.

Philips BT2500 Wireless Speaker

Philips BT2500

The Philips BT2500 is a portable Bluetooth speaker which boasts of slim design and a budget price that will appeal to users who need a travel-friendly mini speaker for wireless streaming of music. What’s more, it includes anti-clipping function for very loud, distortion-free sounds and music and also features a built-in microphone for calling purposes. It sounds really decent and is easy to slip within a pocket or a bag especially while travelling.